Kids At Heart

Cory and I bought this at Costco a few weeks ago as Christmas gift for Buddy (Ty and Tory, don't tell! Also, don't get him one!). For weeks he's sat on our kitchen counter keeping a solitary vigil on things and collecting dust. Inside this giant spud head is the entire Mr. Potato Head family. That's right, everything comes in bulk at Costco! Even families! Cory and I are dying to open it and play with them. The 2 spud babies are just too cute to resist. But for now we're testing our patience. If we pass this test next we can get a plant. If the plant lives we're ready for a fish. Assuming that fish survives we'll be grown up enough to handle a puppy. Then maybe one day, kids of our own. But for now, we'll stick to trying to keep the Potato head family shrink wrapped.
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Wendy said...

I'm hoping you can be trusted so you can get a puppy!!

Tory said...

That's cute that you guys bought him a present. We haven't even bought the kids any Christmas presents yet!

Jennifer said...

Been enjoying your posts! Love your sense of humor. :) Glad you have been having fun amidst all your hard work. That potato head family sounds like a great gift, very cute!