I guess I should clarify something since I have a few minutes. My loving friends (that's not sarcasm, I really mean my awesome, loving friends) keep checking up on me and asking what's going on in my lfie: "How's school going?"  "How's 4th grade this year?"  "Do you have a lot of homework?"  "Are you still running?"  "How come I don't hear from you anymore?"  "Is that tomato juice on your pants?"

Here's the truth. My life is crammed with crap right now and none of it is social. I work Monday-Friday. I should take this chance to say 4th grade is going awesome. Anyway, I work, get home around 3:45 and then rush to get homework done. Depending on the night, I either have class, volleyball, or a meeting for group projects or something related to that. I have ridiculous amounts of homework right now so in between crap I have going on, I'm always trying to cram an assignment or chapter reading into my "free" time. I barely even have time to talk to Cory. Before we know it, our super-lame 9:30 bedtime has hit and we're off to bed to do it all again the next day. I've been swallowed up by the school demons and I may not be able to recover until Dec... I keep thinking I'm almost on top of my homework and that I can get enough of it done to have a day off and then they spring a new assignments on me or a test that's entirely essay questions (yeah....) and I have to pretty much have all 3 chapters memorized before taking it and I fall right back down the homework ladder. It's getting really frustrating. So, dear loving friends, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry I've become a loser again. I barely have time to shower right now, much less hang out. BUT as soon as I get a free day, I will let everyone know. And I'd like to mention that volleyball is going wonderfully! The girls are so great and a huge inspiration to me. And although it takes up my evening time, I don't mind because we're having so much fun! :)

I hope everyone is well. Wish me luck on surviving.


Kristie said...

Good Luck with everything! I hope school settles down soon so you can have time to relax a little!

Amy said...

Good luck! Hopefully we can hang out soon.