Sincerely, Angry

Dear Highway Patrolman,
I wanted to inform you of the full effects your ticket has caused us. Because you had nothing better to do than pull over a girl in a Jeep for not having fender flares or mud flaps, I now have to witness the above pictured trauma. It's a site I see all the time, just not on his days off - when he should be hanging out with me, his loving wife. Next time when it's obvious the girl never drives the Jeep in downtown SLC (you'll know she's telling the truth because she may not be able to locate the registration right away or remember the window has a glitch and doesn't roll down without messing with the locks first, just some suggestions) you'll hopefully have the heart to let her go without a stress inducing "fix-it ticket". Then maybe some families can spend more time together.
Angry Wife
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The other morning when Cory left for work I found myself completely alone for the first time in a long time where I was scared. I tried calming down but that didn't work. I was so paranoid that someone was going to break in and attack me and I had no way of defending myself except pepper-spray. I decided then and there that we needed 3 things when we buy a house of our own:
1. A security system
2. A gun, and concealed weapons permits.
3. This:
I've always had a soft spot for German Shepherds because they're adorable and very loyal. Not to mention they can cause pretty good damage to an intruder...
I told Cory today the first thing we're getting when we move out is an adorable face like that. He didn't protest. How can you say no to that??


Coming Clean...

Alright, alright!! I'll admit it! I'm a Big Bang Theory addict and I have a not-so-secret-crush on Sheldon. He's so cute!! Not, drool-over-his-picture-and-take-him-home-to-mom-cute, but more of a rodent-cute. They're creepy and annoying but still so adorable!


Swing For the Fence

I figured I'd better try being a better wife and actually make a decent meal instead of Papa Johns or spaghetti. As long as I'm trying, I'd better swing for the fence. This is tonight's proposed dinner. 3 things I love. I've cooked fresh trout before and I can make Rice-a-Roni blindfolded (so not kidding) but the artichokes are a whole different story. I might as well be catching a greased pig. After some google research and several "how to" video's I feel like I can do it. I didn't even know how to pick them out so if they're terrible, I'll blame it on the produce guy who stood and watched me instead of asking if he could help. Maybe I picked good ones? Or maybe he just hates his job. Alright, water is boiling. In the pot we go!!
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Kids At Heart

Cory and I bought this at Costco a few weeks ago as Christmas gift for Buddy (Ty and Tory, don't tell! Also, don't get him one!). For weeks he's sat on our kitchen counter keeping a solitary vigil on things and collecting dust. Inside this giant spud head is the entire Mr. Potato Head family. That's right, everything comes in bulk at Costco! Even families! Cory and I are dying to open it and play with them. The 2 spud babies are just too cute to resist. But for now we're testing our patience. If we pass this test next we can get a plant. If the plant lives we're ready for a fish. Assuming that fish survives we'll be grown up enough to handle a puppy. Then maybe one day, kids of our own. But for now, we'll stick to trying to keep the Potato head family shrink wrapped.
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Rock Star!!

Last night the Brad Paisley concert FINALLY arrived!! When school let out yesterday afternoon I was so dang excited that I was hopping up and down like a 5 year old! The concert was at Usana Amphitheater. I'd never been to a concert out there. And may never go again... I've never seen so many drunk people in my life. But they did provide ample entertainment. My mom heard some idiots trying to figure out the profit Usana was making by selling $1 beers for $9 and couldn't figure it out. A guy next to us spilled beer on his crotch and tried lighting it on fire. Of all the parts on a man I would think that would be the one place he wants to protect but hey, to each their own. Thank heavens he never went up in flames. That would have ruined the night. Then before Brad Paisley came on, a man ran by in his boxer briefs and stopped right in front of us. After hesitating a moment, he dropped them and kept on running. I'm glad for my quick looking-away-reflexes because it saved me some trauma. And I'm glad my parents were oblivious to the whole thing.

Regardless of the intoxicated idiots, we had a really great time. I had been dying to see Brad for years so I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. Some guy I've never heard of opened the show, then Darius Rucker performed for about 45 minutes. Finally after him, it was Paisley time. Yum, yum, YUM!! :) We sang along and laughed at his jokes. He played his guitar while running through the audience (literally) and took someone's phone from them on the front row and took a picture of the audience. It was funny and I bet that person was just freaking out. I was totally jealous. Even though we were out in the cheap seats (a.k.a. the grass) I still got some fairly decent photo's of him on the jumbo tron even though we had a huge column of speakers right in the way. And if you look closely, you can see him on stage. I took about 50 pictures and couldn't pick just a few so there's a good 12 or so photo's for you to enjoy the Brad Paisley hotness. I went home a very happy woman. It was so much fun. And he's SO good live!!
My mom and Dad
Me and my Parents
Some pictures of Cory and I

This one was when he was singing "Online". I love the nerdy Matrix reference.
More pics. Look for mini- Brad on stage!



I guess I should clarify something since I have a few minutes. My loving friends (that's not sarcasm, I really mean my awesome, loving friends) keep checking up on me and asking what's going on in my lfie: "How's school going?"  "How's 4th grade this year?"  "Do you have a lot of homework?"  "Are you still running?"  "How come I don't hear from you anymore?"  "Is that tomato juice on your pants?"

Here's the truth. My life is crammed with crap right now and none of it is social. I work Monday-Friday. I should take this chance to say 4th grade is going awesome. Anyway, I work, get home around 3:45 and then rush to get homework done. Depending on the night, I either have class, volleyball, or a meeting for group projects or something related to that. I have ridiculous amounts of homework right now so in between crap I have going on, I'm always trying to cram an assignment or chapter reading into my "free" time. I barely even have time to talk to Cory. Before we know it, our super-lame 9:30 bedtime has hit and we're off to bed to do it all again the next day. I've been swallowed up by the school demons and I may not be able to recover until Dec... I keep thinking I'm almost on top of my homework and that I can get enough of it done to have a day off and then they spring a new assignments on me or a test that's entirely essay questions (yeah....) and I have to pretty much have all 3 chapters memorized before taking it and I fall right back down the homework ladder. It's getting really frustrating. So, dear loving friends, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry I've become a loser again. I barely have time to shower right now, much less hang out. BUT as soon as I get a free day, I will let everyone know. And I'd like to mention that volleyball is going wonderfully! The girls are so great and a huge inspiration to me. And although it takes up my evening time, I don't mind because we're having so much fun! :)

I hope everyone is well. Wish me luck on surviving.


A Fairly Fantastic Weekend (so far...)

Cory started his first round of nights last week and ever since then, I felt like we haven't seen each other. He's been working a ton and has had to go in random days while they figure out which crew they want to put him on permanently. Either way, Friday we really needed to have some fun since it was his only night off. I'm a sucker for the fair, so we decided to go check it out that afternoon. We were hoping for a rip-roaring time, but that didn't happen. We had fun, but it was really hot and we couldn't find anything we wanted to see and our legs were pretty tired from working all day as it was. We walked around looking at all the booths. I bought a pair of sunglasses (my other pair broke this week :( I was not happy about that) and finally found a cute, cheap cowboy hat for the Brad Paisley concert next weekend. Then we were starving and our efforts to find deliciously sinful fair-food were useless and after much arguing and complaining (due to the heat and being hungry) we settled on fish and chips... not what either of us wanted, but oh well. After dinner we looked at the cows, pigs, sheep, and goats. It took all my effort to no puke in the sheep barn. Man, those animals REEK!! But on the plus side, we got to watch a goat throw a public tantrum and yell things. It was so funny! By the end of that we were too tired to care to do anything else so we just left. Sad, I know. I really wanted to ride some rides. But we were both irritable and just needed a change of venue. Not to mention a million people were showing up and crowds make me grumpy. Here are some photos (bad quality because they were taken on my phone...)
Ty, these first two are for you!

That's a huge white tiger behind me.
After our first attempt at a fun night out failed, we decided to go check out the Woods Cross, Bountiful football game. My parents were there and my mom begged us to come to that instead of the fair. We showed up and they were tending Bradlee and Brock so the remainder of the night was spent chasing around the kiddo's. Regardless, it was pretty fun. I saw some old friends, old students, and lots of the young women from my ward. I felt loved by the end of the night :). Stupid Bountiful won, of course.

Today, Cory had to work so I headed into Salt Lake with my parents to spend the morning there. We checkout out the library and rode their glass elevator. Then we took Trax to Temple Square and had lunch at the Nauvoo Cafe and sat out on the patio under the trees with the temple right next to us. It was so nice! There were a ton of weddings too so we were not without entertainment. Then we went and visited the new Deseret Book. It's really nice inside. They have a new distribution center in it and everything. After all that touring we decided to head home and rest. Thanks Mom and Dad. I really needed a fun day! Here are more pics, also crappy because they're from my phone. I'll write more below:
Cory and I are doing well. Like I mentioned above he's working a lot. I've been busy with work and school. My social life has disappeared due to all the homework I have. Sorry guys! But we're happy and doing fine. Hope everyone else is well too!


September 4th

I know it's a day late, but I have to honor September 4th. It would have been Adrianne's 25th birthday. Her family had a bbq at her house to honor her and celebrate. I wanted to go, but I've been feeling really sad about her lately and I felt like if I went, I may have cried like a baby and embarrassed myself. Maybe next year. Annie, I miss you so dang much! Keep up the good work on the other side and I'll see ya when it's my turn to get called home. I love you so much!
Yesterday was kind of a hard day all around. I went rock climbing with some family and friends up Big Cottonwood Canyon and it was fun for the most part. Around the early afternoon though we heard tires squealing from the road below followed by a gut-wrenching crash. It was obvious there was a serious accident, and quite possibly a rollover. We heard multiple sirens from police and medical vehicles but we couldn't see what happened from where we were. With it being Adrianne's birthday, and her being killed in a car accident, it really upset me to hear that. I was sick to my stomach the rest of the time thinking someone below us just got seriously injured and possibly even killed and we heard the whole thing. I tried so hard not to melt down right there and have another "episode" where I get so sad about Adrianne that I sob so hard I can't breath in without making that horrible sucking sound. I maintained my composure for the most part. But it was still difficult. The vehicles were still there on our way out of the canyon. A little Mazda Miata had lost control and it looked like it rolled, (it was hard to tell because the top was off) and then ran head-on into oncoming traffic. It was an awful site. Then for some reason I started thinking about the Book of Mormon. Cory and I are reading the part right now where Alma and Amulek are forced to watch those that believe God burn to death right before their eyes. That part of the Book of Mormon has always bothered me. It's hard to read because I couldn't imagine going through that. All that happened to us yesterday was we heard the accident and I was sick over it. I can't imagine the trauma that would come from having to watch hundreds of men, women, and children be put to death because of what they believed and be restrained from stopping it. It hit me in church today that those men had more faith than I can fathom from enduring that horrible experience. Well, and the people that died as well. If I was faced with immediate destruction, would I be strong enough to hold my ground and not deny the Gospel? I would like the think yes. And hopefully I never have to find out. But man, what courage it would take to do that. It does say in the next few versus that those people who were murdered were immediately received into heaven for making the ultimate sacrifice. And they were freed from persecution and ridicule. After thinking this, I did receive a peaceful feeling about death. I'm so grateful that I know I can and will be with my family and friends again in the next life. They're not gone forever. We've just had to part ways for a while.  

In unrelated news, I just wanted to clear up any misconceptions people may have about me and my life:
1. I don't work out/exercise to be "skinny" - obviously. I've always been active and I really, really enjoy it. It's a hobby for me that I love and setting fitness goals adds a sense of accomplishment. I don't care what other people are involved in or how much they can bench press. I do it for me and my health and my enjoyment.
2. I'm not a brat just because I'm not super talkative. I can be wild and crazy but I can also be reserved and quiet. I know it can come across as being snotty, but I wish people would understand that sometimes I just don't feel like talking.
3. If I try to make amends with you after a confrontation, it's because I want to put water under the bridge and let things go. If my advances are ignored, oh well. I did what I could and I'll enjoy floating down the river alone and hope someday you'll join me.

I want to end on a positive note by saying thanks to all my awesome friends who make me feel so loved and cared for. I hope I'm returning the favor enough to make things worth it. If not, let me know. I love you all!!