A Weekend For the Memory Books

Well, this has been such a great weekend. First, I'll start with Cory's news . . .

He has officially been offered a permanent job at Kennecott!!! We're so excited!! His internship is over and we were wondering when we were going to find out if they wanted to keep him. He has to go in Tuesday and take a test and then he can officially accept the job! We're thrilled! Way to go baby!

He also received new springs for his Jeep on Friday. He worked his butt off all day to get them on before we went to Logan. It looks awesome! I haven't been in it yet for a ride but he says it rides much better. I can't wait to see. It also lifted it about 3 more inches or more. Here's a picture of his baby:
I know he's really excited about them. It was his birthday present :)

Well, the moment I've been blogging about for months finally arrived. We headed up to Logan Friday night and picked up my race packet. Then we went to Olive Garden for some delicious pasta. We stayed at the Springhill Marriott up there which was really nice. The bed was fantastic, which was what I needed for a good nights rest. I woke up at 4:50 am Saturday and got ready. A bus picked me and about 50 other runners up at our hotel at 5:30 and took us up Blacksmith Fork Canyon where the race began. The bus ride seemed forever and I just kept thinking, "It's this long riding in a bus and soon I'll have to run the whole thing..." the whole way up. We all warmed up and waited for the race to start. When the gun finally went off, I was just excited to get moving. I was getting annoyed standing around waiting in crazy anticipation. After about the first mile it really hit me that I was FINALLY doing it! I got a little choked up and told myself this was what all my training was for and I had to make it count. I pushed myself to go a little faster than my regular pace. I felt great and was so excited. The only bad part of the first half of the race was at about mile 4 when I ate my first GU I choked on it, causing me to throw up a little in my mouth. I was a little queasy for about 10 minutes after that, but I just kept going.

The map said the first 7 miles were downhill. That wasn't entirely true. It leveled out and even went uphill quite a lot. But I used the parts that were descending to my advantage. The first part of the race went by so fast and before I knew it, I was halfway done. The canyon was cool despite the humidity and had a breeze blowing out of it that kept me cool. Once we got out of the canyon though, it was an entirely different story. The sun came out and the breeze stopped and it got hot - fast! At mile 10 I took my phone out to tell Cory how close I was and noticed I had gone 10 miles fast than I ever have. I was excited. However, the heat and humidity were quickly zapping my strength and I was losing steam. Mile 12 just about killed me. The entire mile was a steady incline with absolutely no shade. I was really hurting at this point and I really lost my speed. I totally didn't care except I knew I had family waiting for me at the finish line that were probably sick of waiting. I didn't enter this race with a time goal. I entered it to finish. Finally a little ways into the 13th mile I could see the finish line and I took out my headphones so I could hear my family cheer me on and I finally made it to the end. I wasn't at all emotional, nor did I get too excited at first. I was just so relieved to be done!!! It was awesome to have my family cheering me on and helping me feel like a champ. Thanks guys! :) It didn't hit me until this morning that I have finally finished it. I have finally accomplished my goal!! It feels awesome and I feel awesome. I hurt, but I feel great. Here are some race day photos. Please excuse the fact that I look like crap and my face is all swollen. It's hard to look as ravishing as I normally am (kidding) when I'm sweating like a pig and in pain.... Thanks again everyone for coming and supporting me. I love you and it meant a lot!!
Here I am coming to the finish line

Tyler and Lisa drove up at 10 pm and left at 10 am just to see me race. You guys rock!
Cory kept telling me how proud of me he was. He's the best guy in the world.
Cory's parents came up too! It was so fun to have them there! You guys are so incredible!
My uncle Don and his wife Michelle ran it also and my mom wanted a picture of all the racers
So, that chapter is finally over. I haven't decided what my next fitness goal will be. First I need a good week or so off to relax and enjoy being free of a training schedule!!

My parents and Cory's parents had camped up the canyon for the weekend so after showering and checking out of our hotel we headed up there to camp for the rest of the weekend. We really enjoyed ourselves just sitting around and visiting. We had fantastic dutch oven cooking (thanks Shirleen!) and a fire. I love camping! I also have such a great family to call my own, and that goes for both sides!

Mom's playing cards.
Cory found a little toy pilot stuck in a tree and rescued him.
Our dutch oven expert
It was such a great weekend! I'm sad to see it go!


Amy said...

That is totally how I felt! I was just so glad to be done that I didn't feel any emotions. I was reminded of what I'd done every time I tried to walk for the next week though. ha ha You are so amazing! I can't imagine running in the sun like that.

Kathy said...

Awesome Achievement! Congratulations! My son ran in that same race. His best friend is Icy Hot right now! So proud of you!

Jennifer said...

This post made me smile really big. I am so happy for you. What an awesome achievement. Congratulations!

Tory said...

In that picture of you crossing the finish line...you don't even look like you were challenged at all! Congratulations again! Sorry I missed it.

Lisa McLachlan said...

Way to go cutie! I'm glad we got to see you! Congratulations again! I love you a ton!