My Arch Enemy

(Heather Hart, you'll appreciate this)

Ever since I can remember, I've been a lover of the Rice-a-Roni. Collin and I used to walk to the store and buy some just so we could eat the whole box together. We still fight over it when my mom makes it for Sunday dinner. My friend Heather and I used to make it every time we'd get together. I made it all the time in college. And now I make it a lot in our married life. Too much in fact, because Cory is sick of it. I was craving it today and rushed home from work, started to defrost some fish and began cooking the rice. 5 minutes into it, Cory sent me a text saying he really wanted chicken and pasta tonight. He never gets to put in requests because up until Saturday when we got him an AT&T gophone (they're the only company that provides service at the mine) he hasn't been able to communicate with me at work. So, I decided to honor his wishes. I put the fish away and decided to just eat a little rice now since I was starving and save the rest for lunch tomorrow and we could make his chicken when he got home. I patiently cooked the box, loaded it onto my plate and sat down to watch the Simpsons. Before I knew what had happened, the entire box was gone. Gone! So much for just eating a "little". I have no self-control whatsoever :)

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Lisa McLachlan said...

Now that was funny!!! LOL