Caution: Post Contains A Swear

So today was the first day of my groups. I have 3rd graders in my reading class. We were having a discussion about rules and coming up with rules that would make our classroom run smoothly. The rule we were talking about was 'Always do your best' and the kids were telling me why that was important. I called on one boy and he said "Yeah, you don't want to be lazy or half-assed..."

I chocked back a shocked laugh and glanced around the room to see the uproar that curse was about to cause. To my immense relief, no one noticed! The other students were sitting looking at me expressionless. This boy continued to talk after he said that which told me he had no idea he just said something bad. The lesson from this story: be careful what you say around your kids because clearly he didn't come up with that one on his own.

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Katrina Mortensen said...

Wow!! Yeah I can tell they pick up on things pretty quick.