We just spent as amazing week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Let me start from the beginning - and beware, there will be LOTS of pictures. (To see all of them, refer to Facebook.)

Monday night we left with Collin and traveled to Cory's families ranch. It sits right on the Idaho/Wyoming border. The first thing on our agenda for the night was to get some "Wyoming style" fireworks and set them off. We bought all kinds of awesome ones but these were by far my favorite:
The Exploding Bin Laden Noggin's start out by making the descending whistling sound like a bomb dropping then suddenly, Bin Laden's head explodes. They are SO FUNNY!! This is the end result:
They were cool. We also got some waterproof firecrackers that we dropped in the river and watched them explode under water. We had a great time. Then we hung out at the ranch until we got tired and fell asleep.
Cory found these way old, dusty glasses. I had to try them on!
check out the mosquito that flew in front of Collin's face!

Tuesday we woke up an hour later than planned at headed off to Jackson. We forgot to pack food so we decided to stop in the first town that was offering breakfast. That town was Afton, Wyoming. Wow, what an experience we had. It was straight out of a movie. We found a little diner that was open for breakfast and headed in. . .   You know on movies set in a small town where someone walks into a diner and everyone stops and stares at them because it's painfully obvious that they aren't from that town and don't belong? We now know EXACTLY how that feels. We stepped into this tiny dinner that was set up with a bar by the door and had tables behind it. Honest and true ranchers filled the tables in their manure covered boots and wranglers telling hunting stories and cussing up a storm. There was one waitress with huge bangs and she walked around with a coffee pot visiting with the locals. Everyone who came in knew each other. We stuck out like a sore thumb. But, regardless of the awkward feeling, we had an amazing breakfast! It was so good! After our breakfast adventure we slowly made our way to Colter Bay where my parents were camped. After setting up our tent we headed down to the marina store and got ice cream:
Cory's face in this picture is so funny!!
Once we finished our ice cream we decided to head down to the water and walk around. The view was amazing!
After that, Cory wanted to try fishing. A fire had started down by Jenny Lake and the wind was blowing like crazy which made for an amazing sky and sunset:
We spent a while watching Cory fish and made it back just in time to go to bed.

Wednesday Cory woke up early and went fishing. I also went for a run. If I could have scenery like that every day, I'd never stop running lol. It was awesome. Anyway, my family decided to drive around and see all the sites and have a picnic for the majority of the morning. We went to a popular turnout where you can see all the Grand Tetons:
After some site seeing we headed to the town of Jackson and walked the streets and shopped.
After hanging out in Jackson we went to Bar J Wranglers for dinner. If you haven't been, you need to go. It was so awesome! And totally hilarious!! They feed you an enormous chuckwagon dinner then sing really cool/funny cowboy songs. They are incredible musicians as well! I was jealous! We had such a great time!

Thursday we went and hiked to Hidden Falls. It was really hot but we made and the falls are so gorgeous! Cory and I really love the Teton area. We'd live there if we could!

Today we spent the morning at String Lake. The water was freezing, but there were tons of people there swimming. We forgot our swim suits so all we could do was wade:
The water is so clear and it's a great family place. Sadly, we had to leave my family and come home. We didn't want to leave at all! It was such a great vacation!

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Jennifer said...

That looks like such a fun vacation! I really love all those beautiful photos too. What an amazing place.