Today I went to Boondocks with some of the Hunter side of the family. It was so much fun! We got all day fun passes and we rode the go-carts a million times, played laser tag a million times, blew money on arcade games, cheated at mini-golf, and soaked each other with the bumper boats -  a million times. It seriously was a blast! Thanks again Lee for taking us all!

Braden on the Rookie Carts
You're supposed to see how wet I am, but you can't really tell.
Soaked sisters
Grandpa was gaining on us!!!
Then he passed us... :(
Hailey was a good driver
Alexis all wet in the bumper boats
Lee was soaked to the bone!!
Pictures of the aftermath...
More go-cart fun
I have the best family ever!!


Lisa McLachlan said...

So who took all the pictures? Its a good thing "Pic"ing and driving a go-cart isn't illegal. :)

Jennifer said...

Those bumper boats sound so much fun! I shall have to try that out sometime. :)