One Brave Critter


Running Accomplishments

I ran my first 11 mile run yesterday. It was easier than I expected. I finally am starting to get really excited about finishing this race. First off, I can't wait to have my mornings back, to be able to exercise when I want and how I want, and to not have to have a deadline to work towards anymore. I never thought I'd reach this point. I still have 3 weeks of hard running to go, but it seems so simple now. I just hope my knee and hips don't cause any more trouble. They have really been hurting. Anyway, as I was running yesterday I started thinking about how it's going to be to cross that finish line and know I just ran 13.1 miles. I got teary eyed because first off, it's going to feel awesome. But there is an underlying meaning to it all that I never put together before. This race is in Cache Valley, the place I spent 4 years of my life. I had some amazing times up there, and some not so amazing times that made me feel like I had been chewed up and spit out. I realized I don't really like going there because I feel like Logan defeated me. I know that sounds crazy, but one of the reasons I fought moving home in the first place was because I felt like if I did, I had failed at living on my own. Of course that's crazy, but the feelings were there. It hit me that it will be a personal triumph for me to conquer this huge goal of mine in Logan. It's going to help vanquish that feeling that I was too weak and had to leave with my head hanging low. I don't know if this is making any sense, but I can't wait to accomplish this. I wish it were sooner. The more running magazines I read and hear advice from experts, I realize more and more that I am on the perfect track for my training. It feels good to know there isn't a key element I've missed that is going to leave me unprepared. I don't really have any goals for this race except to finish without walking. I don't care about my time - it is only my first half marathon - because I just want to say I did it. I used to think that after this race I'd pull in the reigns on running a bit. I think my opinion on that has changed. I have developed something that I really enjoy. I want to keep up the work and continue running races. I love feeling like an athlete. I love being a runner. Finally, I am accomplishing something great!


Reflection of Thoughts

I was doing really well on building up my self-esteem and not caring what other people thought or looked like. Then we went to Jackson and it was so carefree, I almost forgot all about it. I've noticed that since I lost my focus, it's been harder again. It was also a really stressful weekend and some things that happened made me feel like crap. Not physically, but I felt like a worthless person. I look around me and watch people and it seems like all I see is insecurity. People are constantly needing to be validated from others in order to feel good about themselves. And it never matters what other people say. If you have your mind set that you're not good enough, you never will be. No matter what. I hate that feeling. I hate the blanket of obsessing over perfection that the world has put on us. I hate that 99.9% of the female race is unhappy with how they look, is constantly comparing themselves to others, or is going to extreme measures to be skin and bones. I hate that we as a whole are taught to be embarrassed and ridiculed for having a body fat percentage over 5. It's so obvious to me when people are insecure about how they look. You can see it in their actions, words, and even their pictures! How many of us filter our pictures and only put up the ones where we look "skinny"? I've been guilty of that in the past. That's one area where I've really tried to change. No more face shots, it's all body. I am who I am and there's no point in trying to hide it or deny otherwise. I have no reason to be ashamed. But we do it because of what goes on around us. We're so scared of what people might say. Why does it matter what they say? I'm guilty of gossip in my life, for sure, so don't think I'm innocent in this, but one thing I've noticed about gossip - especially judgmental gossip - is that it only happens when people are unhappy about themselves. They're trying to point the finger at others to hide what's going on with them. People say and think hurtful things just to try and make themselves feel better and it NEVER works. Ever.

There's so much I don't understand about people and their way of thinking. I can't comprehend how we all got here. Why do numbers matter? Why does weight or pant size have to drive us to insanity? Obviously, we have tv "role models" like this crammed down our throats:

Yes, they look amazing. Yes, we'd all love to look like that. But is it really worth all the trouble and obsessions and insecurity to look just like that? Why can't we be almost like that? Why does it matter that there's people out there who look better than us? Can't we be ok with ourselves regardless? I'm just so frustrated with the media and the messages that are destroying the lives and souls of everyone around me. I noticed it ruining me, and I'm determined to stop it. But it's still so frustrating to see the rest of the world obsess over perfection. That's the part that makes me think, "Well, if they think they look bad, then what do they think I look like?" That's the part that I don't want to matter anymore. I don't want to give a second thought to what other people think. I want to only care about my thoughts and how I feel about myself. I'm athletic, I'm active, I'm fun, and I'm not perfect. I don't need to be to be happy with who I am. My whole life I've lacked confidence. I've let other people get to me and I'm SICK OF IT!! I won't let it get me down anymore. I'm me. There's no one else like me. There's no one else like Kristin Cavallari or Jillian Michaels. So why are we trying to look like them? I'm going to be the best version of me that I can be. And I'm going to be happy with imperfection.


Congrats Kaela and Sam!!!

 Cory's cousin Kaela was married on Saturday in the Manti temple and we were able to go down and be a part of it. She was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen. Which isn't hard since she's so naturally gorgeous. Their sealing was wonderful and their sealer gave some really great advice and counsel about temple covenants applying to marriage. I of course cried because it's such an amazing thing to watch loved ones do the right thing and get sealed together forever. They deserve to be so happy! :) I have a special place in my heart for Kaela because she always makes me feel loved and accepted. She's a wonderful person. Sam is one lucky guy! Congrats you two!!



We just spent as amazing week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Let me start from the beginning - and beware, there will be LOTS of pictures. (To see all of them, refer to Facebook.)

Monday night we left with Collin and traveled to Cory's families ranch. It sits right on the Idaho/Wyoming border. The first thing on our agenda for the night was to get some "Wyoming style" fireworks and set them off. We bought all kinds of awesome ones but these were by far my favorite:
The Exploding Bin Laden Noggin's start out by making the descending whistling sound like a bomb dropping then suddenly, Bin Laden's head explodes. They are SO FUNNY!! This is the end result:
They were cool. We also got some waterproof firecrackers that we dropped in the river and watched them explode under water. We had a great time. Then we hung out at the ranch until we got tired and fell asleep.
Cory found these way old, dusty glasses. I had to try them on!
check out the mosquito that flew in front of Collin's face!

Tuesday we woke up an hour later than planned at headed off to Jackson. We forgot to pack food so we decided to stop in the first town that was offering breakfast. That town was Afton, Wyoming. Wow, what an experience we had. It was straight out of a movie. We found a little diner that was open for breakfast and headed in. . .   You know on movies set in a small town where someone walks into a diner and everyone stops and stares at them because it's painfully obvious that they aren't from that town and don't belong? We now know EXACTLY how that feels. We stepped into this tiny dinner that was set up with a bar by the door and had tables behind it. Honest and true ranchers filled the tables in their manure covered boots and wranglers telling hunting stories and cussing up a storm. There was one waitress with huge bangs and she walked around with a coffee pot visiting with the locals. Everyone who came in knew each other. We stuck out like a sore thumb. But, regardless of the awkward feeling, we had an amazing breakfast! It was so good! After our breakfast adventure we slowly made our way to Colter Bay where my parents were camped. After setting up our tent we headed down to the marina store and got ice cream:
Cory's face in this picture is so funny!!
Once we finished our ice cream we decided to head down to the water and walk around. The view was amazing!
After that, Cory wanted to try fishing. A fire had started down by Jenny Lake and the wind was blowing like crazy which made for an amazing sky and sunset:
We spent a while watching Cory fish and made it back just in time to go to bed.

Wednesday Cory woke up early and went fishing. I also went for a run. If I could have scenery like that every day, I'd never stop running lol. It was awesome. Anyway, my family decided to drive around and see all the sites and have a picnic for the majority of the morning. We went to a popular turnout where you can see all the Grand Tetons:
After some site seeing we headed to the town of Jackson and walked the streets and shopped.
After hanging out in Jackson we went to Bar J Wranglers for dinner. If you haven't been, you need to go. It was so awesome! And totally hilarious!! They feed you an enormous chuckwagon dinner then sing really cool/funny cowboy songs. They are incredible musicians as well! I was jealous! We had such a great time!

Thursday we went and hiked to Hidden Falls. It was really hot but we made and the falls are so gorgeous! Cory and I really love the Teton area. We'd live there if we could!

Today we spent the morning at String Lake. The water was freezing, but there were tons of people there swimming. We forgot our swim suits so all we could do was wade:
The water is so clear and it's a great family place. Sadly, we had to leave my family and come home. We didn't want to leave at all! It was such a great vacation!


Yvan Eht Nioj

I can't remember the last time I was as bored as I am now. I've done laundry, attempted cleaning, took a nap, watched TV, researched some things on the internet, ate cherries, and finished reading Breaking Dawn. I'm officially out of things to do. So, beware! This is one of "those" blogs.

First off, I've casually mentioned that Cory and I are planning a trip to Hawaii in December. It's no special occasion, we just really, really want to go. I'm not going to really talk about it until I have the receipt of purchased tickets in my hand. We're almost done saving the money we'll need and unless something really big happens, we're going. I just don't want to jinx it because it seems too good to be true :)

Anyway, in researching things we want to do while there, one of them of course is to see the USS Arizona. I know it's quite an experience. Honestly though, I'm really scared I am going to have an "episode". If you've known me longer than a few hours, then you know my biggest fear is deep, murky water. Or better yet, the huge things IN the deep, murky water. Just seeing a picture like this:
scares the crap out of me. Also to give you another reference, I almost hyperventilated watching Cast Away when he's floating in the ocean with all the whales. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. I hope I'll be able to handle seeing a huge ship under water, because it really is something I want to experience while we're there. 

Switching gears, life is great here. Cory still loves his job. He said to me the other day, "You know what? Work is long, and some days are boring, but I never dread having to go." Then he grinned. We're both so happy he's been blessed with something he enjoys. Even if it does require him to get up at 4:30. In other news, I met with an adviser as SLCC last week. Turns out, I will graduate there in December! I'm really excited to know that I don't have another full year to go. I still won't transfer to Weber until next fall (tentatively) so I get an extra semester off to refuel. That will be nice. 

We're heading to Jackson Hole Monday and won't be back until Friday. Then Saturday we're leaving for Manti for a wedding. Before we depart on our adventures, I would like to leave our blog with the thing that's been on my mind the most:

It's so easy to condemn others. How quickly we tear them down, hoist ourselves above them, shake our heads at their actions or covet what they have. But does it make us feel any better? Never. Instead we need to discover and acknowledge their talents, stand shoulder to shoulder, reach out a hand to help, and realize how blessed we are regardless of what others have. So much time is wasted on wishing things were different; wishing things were "better". If we take a moment and arrange our priorities to what really matters, then we'll be much happier.



Today I went to Boondocks with some of the Hunter side of the family. It was so much fun! We got all day fun passes and we rode the go-carts a million times, played laser tag a million times, blew money on arcade games, cheated at mini-golf, and soaked each other with the bumper boats -  a million times. It seriously was a blast! Thanks again Lee for taking us all!

Braden on the Rookie Carts
You're supposed to see how wet I am, but you can't really tell.
Soaked sisters
Grandpa was gaining on us!!!
Then he passed us... :(
Hailey was a good driver
Alexis all wet in the bumper boats
Lee was soaked to the bone!!
Pictures of the aftermath...
More go-cart fun
I have the best family ever!!