The Summer Sends It's Love

So I'm up at the wee hours of the morning (for a Saturday) and I thought it might be time to update this thing. First off, school ended yesterday. It doesn't feel like it at all! It just felt like a normal Friday only I hugged the kids this time as they left instead. I did tear up with 2 kids, one who's moving and another who is just so, so sweet. But other than that, it was good. I know it'll hit me any time now and I'll cry. I know they'll be coming back so it's not a big deal. I think I'll miss the company to be honest. A lot of those kids became my mini friends and I looked forward to seeing them, even though they are 9. Third graders are seriously the best ever!! What a wonderful age.

So because school is now out, I am going to have a lot of time on my hands. We've been waiting to hear when Cory will start his 4 12's and haven't heard. He found out yesterday that until September, he'll be working Monday - Friday from 6-6. That's great on the financial aspect. But, that leaves me alone all week. So friends, beware! I will be bugging you! haha! And I may need to develop a hobby or something. We're babysitting my sisters piano until she has room for it so maybe I'll take up playing more than every 6 months or so. I should have taken summer classes... but it's a little late for that now. Oh well!

Also yesterday we had a surprise party for my friend. It was so much fun! She was totally surprised! Waiting for her to get home was so funny. Her roommate took her out while we decorated their apartment. As we sat around talking, I was really touched with what great friends I have. Someone told me that friends are kind of like fashion fads; they change constantly. Of course I thought they were crazy and swore I'd have all my friends as best friends FOREVER!! Some I'm still as close with now as I was then. But most our closeness has faded somewhat. There isn't a single person I've been friends with that I don't introduce them as my friend or consider them a friend in some way. I still love them all. But throughout life changes or whatever, I've lost touch with a lot of them which has made me sad. But throughout that process, I've also gained a ton more friends I never saw coming! You never know what life will throw at ya. Anyway, I'm so blessed to have the friends I do have, whether I talk to them a lot or not. I'm surrounded by wonderful people in my life. Thanks guys! You are so awesome!!!

Well I guess I should go get dressed and start my work for the day. I promise I'll try to do something fun in the near future where I can post pictures. I can't put up last day of school pics because I don't have parental permission and I forgot to take pictures at the party! Anyway, I know everyone loves blog pictures so I'll try to spice up my life. Ta ta!

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