Woohoo!! We're Done!

As of Thursday night, Cory and I are Finally done with school!!! Well, Cory's completely done, which means I can go back to doing the school work of one person. I am proud of him though. I, however, will finally graduate when our kids graduate from college. Only another 25 years or so... not too bad. the truth is school has totally been stressing me out. I still have so much to do and going at a snails pace with taking 2 classes a semester is NOT what I had in mind. The original plan was to quit working when Cory got the Kennecott job so I could do school full time, but he can't get insurance out there for a long time so I've gotta stay another year at least. Gah!! Oh well.

I told Cory that we needed to celebrate somehow. The only problem was Friday, I woke up with one of the worst stomach bugs ever! I was so sick I lost 3.5 lbs in a single day and slept off and on for 24 hours. I'm feeling better today, thank heavens. Maybe this evening we can celebrate somehow. I was miserable!!

I would also like to remind the world that today is May 1st and it's snowing... I HATE Utah weather. We needed this snow oh... 5 months ago! 35 degrees is not my idea of spring.


Lisa McLachlan said...

I'm sorry you were sick! I hope you feel better soon!

Jennifer said...

How exciting for you guys!! I am so glad you are feeling better too. :D