Information Update

I'm pretty good at updating events in our lives, but not necessarily about what else is going on in our lives. So, I will attempt to do that now.

First off, Cory is LOVING Kennecott. He's just in training right now, so he hasn't started his long shifts yet, but he's getting up at 4:45 every morning to get out there by 6:30. He loves the atmosphere and the many things he's learning. He also thinks they'll put him in a welding position, which we didn't think was going to happen for a while. He says it feels like a family and they take care of their own. I love that he comes home happy every day now that he's finally started his career. He's always telling me about the trucks, the history, and the people. I'm so proud of him and happy that he's loving it there!

The most common question after we're asked how it's going out there is, "So are you going to move out there?" We don't know. It won't be for a few years since I'm going to be heading to Weber State next year. We've been looking at houses, just to get an idea on how much they cost. Herriman is pretty expensive since it's still a brand new neighborhood. We may end up moving out there after I'm done with school, but for now we're planning on staying around Bountiful. Our plan is to pay off all our bills in the next couple months, save for Hawaii, then start saving like mad for a house. We want to buy one next summer. Granted, this could all be subject to change, but this is our plan for now. We can't wait to get a home of our own. Looking is both exciting and depressing because it makes us want to move out now. But we want to be smart about it, research as much as we can, and save some money first.

I've also been freaking people out because in our planning for the future, we've had to factor in kids, and how much they cost. I've asked around about formula costs, diapers, and whatnot. I'm not clueless about children, but I do want to get a solid idea on how much they go through a month and how much that's going to cost us so we can factor that in. We don't want to forget any expense when we figure out how big of a mortgage payment we can afford. Anyway, so as you can imagine, I've gotten a lot of people's hopes way up. Cory and I want to be vague about that because it's really not up to anyone but us... so, let me just say this: we have decided when to have them. Obviously, it's in the future. They are coming, but on our time, and the Lords. We've prayed about it and have made a firm decision. When it happens, you'll all know. Sorry about getting the hopes up. We're not pregnant right now.

As far as an update for myself, I have two weeks left of work. I have never been more sad about that than this year. I've loved all my kids all the years, but this year has been so great and we've had such a tight class family that it's really going to be hard to let them go. They are such a great group of kids and there's not a single one that I'm not going to miss. It's not going to be easy. I've been psyching myself out about the half-marathon. Whenever I have hard running days I get down on myself and wonder why in the heck I signed up. But, I really do want to accomplish it. I have just under 3 months to keep training and get myself ready. I need to be more consistent on my cross training days because they made a HUGE difference for my endurance. I'd also love a running partner so if anyone is interested, I run Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturdays. Saturdays are my long days. Hit me up even if you just wanna come one of those days.

Life is wonderful for us right now. I really couldn't ask for more. I can't believe how blessed we've been. We have a great relationship, wonderful families, everything we need, and pure joy. I love it!!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like such great things are happening for you guys right now!! Very exciting. :) Enjoy.

Lisa McLachlan said...

I'm glad cory enjoys his job. Let him know that one of my students broke a foot from a music stand & I was wondering if he would be able to weld it back on... :) Luv ya guys!