Taking A Stand

My friend Amy posted a link on her blog to this article. I thought it was incredible and am posting it as well so that everyone can read it and quit sitting on their butts and take a stand...

Casting your vote in the November 2010 elections may be the single most important thing you do all year.
Because these elections will be the critical turning point for America’s future.
For the definition of what is America.
For the chance to take back America.
In 2010, in this 234th year of our astonishingly successful American democracy — at the dawn of the second decade of the new millennium — America stands on the edge of an ideological precipice.
A precipice we can’t back away from or ignore.
We stand overlooking a chasm that separates those who want our values, our culture, and our economic systems to endure from those who want to change everything — regardless of the consequences.
On the one side is the familiar America that we know and love.
On the other is a very different America: the dream of Barack Obama.
His dream is a pipe dream.