Some thoughts

If April shower's don't bring May flowers this year, I'm going to be ticked!! I don't want a repeat of last year: winter, winter, mansoon, mansoon, summer!

I am officially done with kickboxing! And my other classes are almost over. The end is near!

Cory starts at Kennecott on May 10th! He's so excited!!

If there's one thing I'm really hating about spring this year besides the weather, it's the gnats! I've probably swallowed a whole family on Legacy Parkway by now.

I have the best job in the entire world!

We finished cory's 6 page research paper on how fast food causes obesity. To celebrate, we went to Burger King.

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Wendy said...

Question, which is more fattening? Burger King or nats?
You are so funny!

Jordan and Heather Hart said...

That's hilarious! I very much enjoyed reading your thoughts! And I completely agree about the awful weather. I'm going nuts and I hope it gets better soon or I'll seriously consider moving back to St. George. :o)