Some Saturday Thoughts...

While I wait for my breakfast to settle before I do my daily activities, I wanted to write a couple things. First, I have the best friends ever! A few of you have known the details of what has been stressing Cory and I out lately (more details for everyone to come later... I promise all will be revealed) and I've got to say, the support and prayers and love has been phenomenal! Thank you for caring about us so much, it means more than you know. Second, I have the best husband ever. Seriously. He makes me proud every day and I'm lucky to be married to someone so wonderful. Third, and less positive, why is it ALWAYS the people you never care to see again are the ones you can never get rid of? They're everywhere! It's like having an enormous mole; it's ugly and annoying and no one wants to see it, but it's everywhere you go... Fourth, life is grand. I couldn't ask for more blessings in my life. Love it!!

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