So I just spent the last half hour looking at some random girls pictures on Facebook of her honeymoon and vacations and I've concluded several things:

1. I just wasted time I will never get back.
2. Some people are so naturally beautiful it's so unfair.
3. I want  a tan SO BAD!! Summer, get here fast!!
4. Going to Hawaii this year is on our wish list, but now I'm willing to sacrifice grocery money to make it happen faster. The beach is literally calling me name.
5. Swimsuit season is very, very soon. Crap.
6. People around my age should not have the money to travel to so many exotic places unless everyone else does :)

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Jennifer said...

Some people are so naturally beautiful, yes, that is true. And I say you are one of those naturally beautiful people as well, that is also true. :)

Enjoy Hawaii! I've never been, but I would love to visit there someday.