Race for the Cure

I'm all signed up and ready to go to run the Race for the Cure on May 8th. I'm announcing this for 2 reasons:

1. I'm looking for people who want to run/walk this race as well. Races are more fun when you do them with people you know. Registration is $30 and you need to register online by April 30th to get your t-shirt and bib in the mail. There are about 17,000 participants, lots of them just walk it, and I've heard it's quite an emotional race. Also, it's not timed so if you're worried about that, don't be. If you wanna run it, email or text me.

2. I'm taking sponsors/donations for the race to help prevent breast cancer. Either call me or you can go to www.komenslc.org and on the right side you can sponsor a racer. I'm assuming you can donate there. My goal to raise is $10 so I'm not looking for much haha. You can also go to that website to register.

I'm really excited and I hope some of you will join me.

I'm also putting a plug in for the Legacy Preparatory Academy 5k race on May 22. Come and support our school!!


Tory said...

If my shins are feeling good by the registration deadline, I will run it with you!

Amy said...

You are going to love it. My fav race.