No Backing Out Now...

In January for my New Year's resolutions, I said I wanted to accomplish something great this year. I wasn't sure what. I must not have been terribly committed because I forgot about it until the Olympics started in February. After watching that, I got all fired up again and really, really wanted to work towards something awesome. I thought about what to do, and I knew I wanted it to be something athletic since that's what I enjoy most. I also thought since running was something anyone could do, I might try something associated with that. Well, I've always hated running more than most things on this planet. It was torture for me. Tory, my sister in law, has always been a really great runner. She started up a few months ago and kept trying to convince me to keep it up. I've never ran farther than 3 miles before without stopping to walk. So, my initial goal was to just get fast at running 5k's and hopefully place in the top three at an event this year. I started running and had a really hard time with it. I wasn't motivated and it just seemed... I don't know. Then, one day, I was feeling awesome and had tons of  energy. I went out running and ended up going 5 miles without stopping. I felt like I could fly!! I wasn't even sore and I didn't feel like death after running either.

That day was important to me because I finally broke through my mental barrier and was able to realize that I had much more in me than I knew. I could actually start doing it. And loving it! So, it's become something I've loved. Tory ran the Salt Lake Half Marathon almost 2 weeks ago. Watching her, as well as all the other athletes was really inspiring. I knew when I saw them pumping across the finish line that I wanted to accomplish that this year. I wanted to run a half marathon. So, I started searching for marathons in the summer that I could potentially do. I wanted to give myself plenty of time so I could be ready enough that I wasn't the last one across the finish line. I decided to shoot for the Top of Utah Half Marathon in Logan in August. I mapped out my training program and have been keeping up on it pretty well. The only setback is the stupid weather. I am really excited but I had this nagging feeling that I might let something talk to me out of it in the future. So, I decided to remedy that situation. About 20 minutes ago, I registered for the race. There's no backing out now... I feel totally freaked out and yet really excited. I never thought I'd be doing this. I know this may not seem like a grand goal to a lot of people. But it's a big deal to me. I'm finally going to achieve something great!! And thank you, Tory, for believing I could do it and helping me get into it more. Hopefully you've helped me into something I can continue to get better at. Here we go, time for training!! ah!!! :)


Some thoughts

If April shower's don't bring May flowers this year, I'm going to be ticked!! I don't want a repeat of last year: winter, winter, mansoon, mansoon, summer!

I am officially done with kickboxing! And my other classes are almost over. The end is near!

Cory starts at Kennecott on May 10th! He's so excited!!

If there's one thing I'm really hating about spring this year besides the weather, it's the gnats! I've probably swallowed a whole family on Legacy Parkway by now.

I have the best job in the entire world!

We finished cory's 6 page research paper on how fast food causes obesity. To celebrate, we went to Burger King.

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Yummmmmmm Pasta Da Vince! This is the only thing I've had from the Cheesecake Factory and I don't care if I ever have anything else. It's the BEST pasta I have ever had. I crave it just about daily. Highly recommend it!


Race for the Cure

I'm all signed up and ready to go to run the Race for the Cure on May 8th. I'm announcing this for 2 reasons:

1. I'm looking for people who want to run/walk this race as well. Races are more fun when you do them with people you know. Registration is $30 and you need to register online by April 30th to get your t-shirt and bib in the mail. There are about 17,000 participants, lots of them just walk it, and I've heard it's quite an emotional race. Also, it's not timed so if you're worried about that, don't be. If you wanna run it, email or text me.

2. I'm taking sponsors/donations for the race to help prevent breast cancer. Either call me or you can go to www.komenslc.org and on the right side you can sponsor a racer. I'm assuming you can donate there. My goal to raise is $10 so I'm not looking for much haha. You can also go to that website to register.

I'm really excited and I hope some of you will join me.

I'm also putting a plug in for the Legacy Preparatory Academy 5k race on May 22. Come and support our school!!


Clever, Clever...

I'm not exactly sure how it started, but for the past little while, I've been at war with 2 boys in my class. We started teasing each other about "watching" each other and every time we pass by, we do the point-to-your-eyes-then-to-them thing and say "I'm watching you!" as threateningly as we can. Each time they're trying to be silly they'll pretend they're doing something wrong and say "Uh oh! Mrs. Hunter is watching!!" and giggle like little girls. There's also frequent staring contests. One of the boys, we'll call him J, has been particularly funny about it. They other day we were really going at each other about it. They were cutting out pictures of animals to make habitats. J, out of no where, dances a picture of 2 of these into my face
And sings, "Just tell me whooooo's watchin!" I busted up laughing and he of course had a good kick out of it. Well, after he left for the day, I went and fished out the frog picture, wrote "just tell me who's watchin?" across the top and taped it into his cursive book. The next morning he opened it up and started cracking up. The whole class was hounding him "Oh! Mrs. Hunter got you!" while his face turned red. I heard him mutter something about revenge but he never talked about again the whole day. I even brought the picture with us to the assembly and when he looked over at me, I slowly raised it up to my eyes and made him laugh, but he never said another word. I figured maybe he just didn't want to play along...

Well, today I went off to my lunch break, unzipped my lunchbox and found this staring at me...

I'm not sure how he got it in my lunch, or when, but the kids got style!

Now I just need a good plan for retaliation...



I fired up my old ghetto desktop today and was looking through old pictures of my life and made quite a few observations I never noticed before:


These pictures were taken back when I was sick and moved back home. I never noticed how sickly and skinny I looked.


I wouldn't trade my temple marriage for anything, but I really do miss wearing tank tops.


I've since wised up on fixing my eyebrows.


I don't know what I'd do without my mom (I've always realized that though)


I don't know what I'd do without my dad (I've always known that, too)


I was SO addicted to Mt. Dew. This was a 32 oz at 8 a.m. and then I'd go home and drink 6 more cans... gross.


Bradlee is the prettiest girl ever.


I've always known this too, but Cory is so cute, it's no wonder I fell in love with him


We've always been huge dorks


This arch has since collapsed. Sad!!


Wow, Cory and I used to be REALLY tan!


Cory looks freaking hot in this photo!!

Taking A Stand

My friend Amy posted a link on her blog to this article. I thought it was incredible and am posting it as well so that everyone can read it and quit sitting on their butts and take a stand...

Casting your vote in the November 2010 elections may be the single most important thing you do all year.
Because these elections will be the critical turning point for America’s future.
For the definition of what is America.
For the chance to take back America.
In 2010, in this 234th year of our astonishingly successful American democracy — at the dawn of the second decade of the new millennium — America stands on the edge of an ideological precipice.
A precipice we can’t back away from or ignore.
We stand overlooking a chasm that separates those who want our values, our culture, and our economic systems to endure from those who want to change everything — regardless of the consequences.
On the one side is the familiar America that we know and love.
On the other is a very different America: the dream of Barack Obama.
His dream is a pipe dream.


The Official Scoop

Well, ever since I announced that we were stressed out I've received an increase in the amount of "Are you pregnant?" questions. No, this problem wasn't kid related. At least not really. When we are pregnant, I won't be posting that we're depressed and stressed out about it... because we won't be. Just wanted to clear that up...

So here's the scoop. I told everyone in January that Cory was chosen to receive the Kennecott scholarship at SLCC which paid for his school and provided a high paying job for him when he graduated. We were thrilled. We knew the job wasn't set in stone, but knew it was a good chance. Cory has talked about applying for this and about working at Kennecott for a couple years now, so it was something he REALLY wanted. Anyway, things were hunky dory when out of the blue he gets a call from Kennecott saying they have lots of scholarship winners and they're trying to decide who to give the job in the summer to. We didn't know there was anyone but him. They asked him some questions about when he could start and they wanted this semesters grades as soon as he could get them. We were pretty upset about it because we had our hopes up. Then there was another scare with how many credit hours he was taking. We started to get really discouraged and we doubted that he'd get the job. All of our future plans were resting on this job. We knew that if he didn't get it, he could always find work elsewhere but it wouldn't pay as much and our plans would have to change. We wanted to travel before we have kids, we were going to start saving for a home, paying off a couple things to be debt free, fixing the Jetta (shudder), starting a family, and buying a couple things we've been needing. That all seemed unreachable. We prayed our hearts out and attended the temple and kept up our end of the deal with the Lord. If we wanted Him to help us, we needed to keep doing our part. We were always given the feeling that we'd be ok, we were still just totally stressed and worried about it. Obviously, we really wanted him to get it.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Cory received a call from them Friday that they wanted him and asked when he could start. So friends and family, HE GOT THE JOB!!! I think we were both in total shock. He told me through text message since he was at work at the time. I sat down and just cried and literally prayed to the Lord thanking him for blessing us. We're so happy! What a huge stress taken off! He should start at the beginning of May since there's only 3 more weeks of school (YES!!) and then he'll be a career man. I am so proud of him. And I really appreciated the excitement and happiness you shared with us when you heard the news, if you were one of the few who heard in person. We're really excited. This job will change a lot of things for us, for the better. I feel so humbled that we have been so blessed. So in a few weeks, my husband will be surrounded with these:
Woohoo for Cory!!


Some Saturday Thoughts...

While I wait for my breakfast to settle before I do my daily activities, I wanted to write a couple things. First, I have the best friends ever! A few of you have known the details of what has been stressing Cory and I out lately (more details for everyone to come later... I promise all will be revealed) and I've got to say, the support and prayers and love has been phenomenal! Thank you for caring about us so much, it means more than you know. Second, I have the best husband ever. Seriously. He makes me proud every day and I'm lucky to be married to someone so wonderful. Third, and less positive, why is it ALWAYS the people you never care to see again are the ones you can never get rid of? They're everywhere! It's like having an enormous mole; it's ugly and annoying and no one wants to see it, but it's everywhere you go... Fourth, life is grand. I couldn't ask for more blessings in my life. Love it!!


Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Today Cory and I took Braden to fly his kite he got for Christmas. There wasn't a ton of wind, but I think he still had fun. He and Cory were running all over the field trying to keep that thing in the air!
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So I just spent the last half hour looking at some random girls pictures on Facebook of her honeymoon and vacations and I've concluded several things:

1. I just wasted time I will never get back.
2. Some people are so naturally beautiful it's so unfair.
3. I want  a tan SO BAD!! Summer, get here fast!!
4. Going to Hawaii this year is on our wish list, but now I'm willing to sacrifice grocery money to make it happen faster. The beach is literally calling me name.
5. Swimsuit season is very, very soon. Crap.
6. People around my age should not have the money to travel to so many exotic places unless everyone else does :)


Moab Adventures of Spring 2010

It's that time of year again!! Easter Jeep Safari time!! Here are the details and WAY too many picture of our adventures this past week:


Cory and I planned on leaving by 11 but that didn't end up happening. We arrived in Moab around 5 and found our hotel. It was a cute little place. It was older and had that musty smell, and the bed was like sleeping on cardboard. But it was worth the price and we were grateful we didn't have to worry about being cold. We settled in and went to Pasta Jay's for dinner. Then we drove up to Potato Salad but it was closed by the time we got to it. So, we went back to the hotel, watched some TV and went to sleep.


We woke up late and had our breakfast then needed to find something to kill the time until Dustin and David came down. So, we went back to Potato Salad. This was the crowd there at 11 in the morning:
For those who don't know, Potato Salad is a popular Jeeping obstacle that used to be really really hard to get up. You could see a rollover every half hour. Apparently it's gotten easier over the years because jeeps and trucks were just walking right over it and we got bored quickly. We met up with Dustin and David and decided to go try out Cliffhanger. Sadly, we discovered the Cliffhanger trail, along with almost every other trail in the area, was closed because they were reserved for the Jeep Safari participants. We were mad. The only trail open that day was Pritchett Canyon, the hardest rated trail in Moab (other than area BFE). We decided to at least go check it out and see how much of it we could do. While airing down, we met some cool guys from Washington who own their own custom fabrication shop and were down showing off their jeep to get clients at the safari. They told us the trail was pretty hairy but they'd go on it with us for as far as we could manage. At the beginning of the trail is this warning sign:
The smaller print says "high possibility of rollover, breakdown, and body damage". We're used to tough trails but we were feeling a little uneasy about what we might encounter. Anyway, we began the trail. It was difficult, but nothing Cory and David couldn't handle.
The trail got a little tippy and Dustin had to ride on David's rock rail to prevent a rollover.
We went a little way into the canyon and turned a corner and saw this:
Now of course, pictures NEVER do justice to what the scene is really like. This is a HUGE obstacle that is extremely difficult. The upper part is so tippy and challenging that most people use a winch to get up safely. Otherwise you tip over and roll multiple times down this ravine. And this wasn't even the hardest part of the trail!! There was a sign that said much harder obstacles to come. Coming down is the really dangerous part. We watched a group descend it. One guy had an old 70's Cherokee that had a lift and tires, but that was it. No winch, no roll cage... nothing. He started down and dropped his front drivers-side tire off one of the ledges and his back end went over. He was about to roll until some guys grabbed his rear bumper just in time. He was LUCKY!! But the worst part was he had 3 young boys in the back while all this was going on. If they had gone over, they would have been seriously injured and most likely killed if they weren't wearing seat belts. What an idiot!! Anyway, we watched the action for a while then decided to turn around. We said goodbye to our new friends and went back the way we came. After the trail we went and got some pizza then went and did Fins and Things in the dark. That was fun. I am getting a little sick of that trail though. We do it too much. After that we headed to bed and tried to rest up for another fun day.


We woke up and found out that the safari wasn't doing trails that day so we could go try the cliffhanger trail. Here's the sign at the beginning. I thought it was cool.
This trail wastes no time getting down to business. And I'll tell ya, it gets it's name for a reason. Here is the very beginning of the trail.
Cory needed assistance to keep from pitching. He probably wouldn't have gone over, but better safe than sorry.
After the boys ventured down this, there was a 4 foot ledge to drop down. Thankfully it had a side way that was still challenging but wouldn't take their bumpers off. It made for some sweet pictures.
The trail wound it's way up a canyon and hugged cliff edges frequently. We were almost to the end when we came upon this:
It's an enormous drop that's on a narrow ledge. The cliff to the right is a 400 foot drop. If the driver side tire dropped first, you'd roll off the cliff. We were told it looks worse than it is, but given the good probability of danger, we decided to play it safe and turn around. Being that close to the cliff edge actually made me sick. Anyway, right before this part was an overlook to the Colorado River
I have a funnier version of this picture but you'll have to see Facebook for that. We had a great time although due to my fear of heights, we may not try that trail again for a while. It made Cory uneasy, too.
After the trail Dustin and David had to go home. We repaired Collin's Jeep (he was supposed to do the trail with us but his alternator went out right after he aired down so we had to abandon it and fix it later) and decided to head up to Canyonlands and stay with my parents. We didn't feel like finding our own campsite for the night.


The wind was blowing in the huge storm this day and the gusts were really strong. We decided to go check out some of the stuff inside the actual Canyonlands park. We saw a cool overlook:
Took the small hike to see Mesa Arch, which was way cool.
and we also went to a place called upheaval dome. It was fun and we all came back with sunburned faces, despite freezing in the wind. Monday night the storm really hit and we had wind gusts up to 60 mph at the campsite. Everyone else went and watched a movie in the Marda's trailer but Cory and I decided to just hit the hay early.


Since it was freezing and the wind was still blowing, the group decided dirt roads would be the best bet. We first went to see Fischer Towers. From the road it looked totally lame and I wasn't sure what made it so special. Well, it's a hike that takes you to the base of these MASSIVE towers that are sticking up out of nowhere. They had the funkiest shapes and seriously were enormous. The tallest one was 900 feet high. The hike itself was really cool too, lost of rocks and things to climb over.
We are definitely going back! What a cool spot! And hopefully it'll be warmer and less windy on our return trip.

Next we all took the Onion Creek road. It's a road that winds through this canyon
And dwarfs you as you're sandwiched between towering rock cliffs. You also cross the Onion Creek 22 times. It was really awesome. They even have camping sites in the canyon so we decided we need to go back down and camp in there as a family, I can't believe we've never explored that area of Moab before. It was literally breathtaking.


Cory had to work today so we woke up early and headed home. We were both super bummed to be leaving, but at least we got to go. We always have a great time camping!!

(p.s. If there are typo's in this, please disregard them. I was too lazy to go back and re-read the whole thing and check...)