Time to Grow

I told you guys a while ago that I would let you know how the Oil of Olay body wash was working out. Well, it's awesome in the shower because it makes my skin feel like silk. But as far as helping the eczema, I haven't noticed a difference. I only have small patches in random places. My hand and wrist have cleared up entirely. However, my left elbow and upper arm are still driving me insane. The sucky weather doesn't help either. Anyway, for those that wanted to know, it's not a great help in the sensitive skin department. But it doesn't make it worse so... BONUS! 

Thanks for your concerns about Cory and I. We're doing ok, we just got some news that was a little discouraging and we felt like our future plans flew right out the window. But, we went to the temple and prayed together and we feel better now. The news raised some questions that won't be answered for a while, but at least until then, we are comforted and we know that no matter what, the Lord will help us. That's such a great feeling to have! And we knew crap like this was bound to come sometime. Life has been too perfect. We were well overdue for a trial or two. Time to grow, right?

I've had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our blessings in our marriage lately. Compared to many others, we don't have much. But we've ALWAYS had what we needed and even get blessed with some things we want. What more could we ask for? The Lord is truly watching out for us. I feel like we don't deserve it sometimes because we haven't done anything special. But reagardless, I'm so happy for our lives. I tell people all the time just how much I love Cory. He was totally worth the wait and the heartache I went through to find him. I never dreamed I'd find someone as incredible as him.

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Amy said...

You are special and have done tons of incredible things just by being you. How was Moab?