Some Immature Tales From 3rd Grade

I wanted to leave you with something to read before we take off for Moab for almost a week. So, here you are.

I have this girl in my class who has the most awesome sense of humor. She and I are always teasing each other and having pretend fights. She has the quickest and most witty come backs for me. It cracks me up.The other day the teacher was very tired of them talking and they were about to take a test and she threatened them not to talk. The whole class had finally calmed down and I was walking up and down the isles making sure they were following instructions. It was perfectly silent. So, to cause some trouble, I walked by this girls test and quickly wrote the word "poop" on her paper and walked away. I know, that's a super mature word for me. I blame it on the profession. Anyway, this girl was caught off guard and was doing her best not to laugh and get in trouble. I too was holding back my giggles. I made my rounds and returned back to her paper. She had neatly printed "Mrs. Hunter is a ..." in front of my cleverly placed "poop" word. We both got a pretty good giggle out of it. I only wish I would have written it in pen.

Today in my reading class someone was farting really, really bad. I'm talking bad. I've never encountered a smell that awful coming from a human being before. Ever. And that's saying a lot. I dry heaved and had to go to the back of the room. It instantly made me sick to my stomach. I didn't notice a reaction from the rest of the class and we've had previous discussion about not farting in class and if you have to, then ask to go to the bathroom. Finally the smell was making stomach bile rise inside me and I said, "Does anyone else smell that?!" One of the more "open" kids in the class chimed in, "Oh that's me! I had sloppy joes for dinner last night. My dad bought the Smith's kind." As soon as I mentioned it and he fessed up to it, all mayhem broke lose and the kids started coughing and sputtering and putting their shirts over their noses. I began to worry about embarrassing him when I noticed him taking a bow in front of everyone. He clearly was proud of his creations. I asked him to stop farting because it was making me really sick. He said loud enough for everyone to hear, "Ok. I'll try to suck them up and release them in the hallway." I busted up laughing. A few minutes later, class was excused and sure enough, he ventured down to the fifth grade classrooms and conspicuously was walking around letting everything out. For the sake of the 3rd grade, I didn't stop him.

The moral of this story, don't but sloppy joe mix from Smith's.

Well, Friday morning we leave for Moab. I'm really excited to get some alone time with Cory. Dustin and David will be joining up with us Saturday and Sunday. Then Monday we'll join my family. It'll be a good trip. I can't wait to get away!!


Jennifer said...

I'm discovering kids make the best comedians, by far. :) They hardly even have to try, it just comes so naturally. Most of the time they don't even realize they are doing it!

Wendy said...

That's a good idea! Next time we get bad smells in our school we'll just blame Smith's!