So not fair!

I arrived in Holiday early for my hair appointment so to kill time I went looking at the mansions nestled just under Mt Olympus. These home are incredible. They're not the standard mansions you see today. They're from a long time ago with unique architecture and tons of windows. Case in point: this house, which happens to be for sale. You can't see it, but the house goes on for eons behind this huge part. I was just jealous of the walls and ceiling decked out in windows. That's my dream. Anyone wanna loan me a couple million?
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Wendy said...

Welcome to MY high school. We, too, lived in a much smaller house further down the hill.

Lisa McLachlan said...

I love the Holladay area. It's the perfect area if you want to be active, both physically & spiritually. :) Some people are pretty down-to-earth too, surprisingly enough. :)

Wow! Two posts in one week! You're on a roll!