Moron 101

I read today that Lindsay Lohan is suing etrade for their "milkoholic" commercial because she claims they used her name without permission and they are making fun of her characterizations. She wants $100 million out of these guys. First off, way to get your ducks in a row, Lindsay, by admitting that you are in fact a whore who has an addiction. Not to milk, but other liquid, I'm quite sure. Second, her lawyer made a public statement that she goes by just "Lindsay" to the public. Her name is as recognizable to the public as Madonna and Cher and etrade used that to their advantage. They should have used a more common name like Susan. Hm... that seems like a good argument. I don't know a single other person named Lindsay. Etrade said they picked the name because they have an employee in accounting named Lindsay. Now that's a coincidence! Lohan is also upset because of the huge amounts of money the company has been bringing in because of that commercial since it aired during the Superbowl. She wants her share of the cash. I believe this incident of suing etrade for idiotic reasons out performs them all. Way to go Lindsay, way to go! *standing ovation*

I must leave you now and do my homework. But tomorrow I get to go to Fiddler on the Roof, Thursday I get a girls night after kickboxing, and Saturday is the most coveted day in 2010; BRIAN REGAN!! Not that I'm excited or anything...

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Amy said...

She must really be hurting for money because that is such a long shot that she's going to get anything out of it but I guess she's got to try. LOL