Easter Egg Hunt and New Moon

I told myself that if I finished two assignments, I could take a break and blog while eating ice cream. So here we are. Today Cory and I went with my mom to take Bradlee and Brock to a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. It was cold, but it was so cute!! The kids were super excited (Bradlee especially) and I only saw one little kid cry. There was quite a big turn out as well.
Telling Uncle Cory how excited they are...
Brock was a little tired
Bradlee warming up with rocks

The real deal!!
This kids with their spoils
They made quite the mess with their candy
But they were happy about it
And we had a good time, too.

After the hunt we came back home and had pizza and watched New Moon with Cory's family. Only the girls had seen it before. I don't think the guys were too impressed. Half way through the movie I got slammed with a wave of exhaustion and ended up falling asleep. Shirleen told me when I woke up that Braden was like, "Grandma! Megan fell asleep!" haha. He cracks me up. It was nice to hang out with them for a little bit. Today has been a great day so far.

But, for now, I must return to my homework. :(


Jennifer said...

I love those photos of Bradlee and Brock with their Easter Baskets. I caught a tiny glance at remembering the way I felt as a kid with my basket of eggs and candy. Magical times.

Tory said...

Those kids are very attractive. They must have good looking parents.