Primary Power

Cory and I are both really sick of primary. We love the kids, we're just very ready for a change and to actually get to meet more people in the ward. Someday, perhaps...
Anyway, regardless of how we feel, we still have cool moments. The kids are learning a song called "I Known That My Savior Loves Me". It's a tear jerker for sure. Here are the words:
A long time ago in a beautiful place
children were gathered round Jesus
He blessed and taught as they felt of His love
Each saw the tears on His face

The love that He felt for His little ones
I know He feels for me
I did not touch Him or sit on His knee
but Jesus us real to me.

I know He lives
I will follow faithfully
My heart I give to Him
I know that my Savior loves me.

There's a second verse but we haven't learned it well enough yet for me to remember the words exactly. Can you imagine little 6 year olds singing this song with all their hearts? Anyway, today I got the most intense feeling that our little unborn children are singing along each time and they feel the exact same way about Jesus. They are gathered around him right now and sitting on his knee. They're playing and giggling with their unborn cousins and other friends. It hit me so hard I had to leave the primary room so I could go cry in the bathroom. I feel almost guilty that when we do have kids, we'll be taking them away from that. But I am so excited to offer them a chance on this earth and I know we have little spirits up there itching to come down. They just need to be a little more patient until Mommy and Daddy are ready for them.Until then, I'm sure they're perfectly content right here...


Jennifer said...

Absolutely nothing sweeter than hearing little kids sing the primary songs. I am serving in the Primary right now, and it is so awesome to hear the little kids singing the songs in Spanish too. :D

Wendy said...

As if the song didn't make me cry enough . . .