Some Immature Tales From 3rd Grade

I wanted to leave you with something to read before we take off for Moab for almost a week. So, here you are.

I have this girl in my class who has the most awesome sense of humor. She and I are always teasing each other and having pretend fights. She has the quickest and most witty come backs for me. It cracks me up.The other day the teacher was very tired of them talking and they were about to take a test and she threatened them not to talk. The whole class had finally calmed down and I was walking up and down the isles making sure they were following instructions. It was perfectly silent. So, to cause some trouble, I walked by this girls test and quickly wrote the word "poop" on her paper and walked away. I know, that's a super mature word for me. I blame it on the profession. Anyway, this girl was caught off guard and was doing her best not to laugh and get in trouble. I too was holding back my giggles. I made my rounds and returned back to her paper. She had neatly printed "Mrs. Hunter is a ..." in front of my cleverly placed "poop" word. We both got a pretty good giggle out of it. I only wish I would have written it in pen.

Today in my reading class someone was farting really, really bad. I'm talking bad. I've never encountered a smell that awful coming from a human being before. Ever. And that's saying a lot. I dry heaved and had to go to the back of the room. It instantly made me sick to my stomach. I didn't notice a reaction from the rest of the class and we've had previous discussion about not farting in class and if you have to, then ask to go to the bathroom. Finally the smell was making stomach bile rise inside me and I said, "Does anyone else smell that?!" One of the more "open" kids in the class chimed in, "Oh that's me! I had sloppy joes for dinner last night. My dad bought the Smith's kind." As soon as I mentioned it and he fessed up to it, all mayhem broke lose and the kids started coughing and sputtering and putting their shirts over their noses. I began to worry about embarrassing him when I noticed him taking a bow in front of everyone. He clearly was proud of his creations. I asked him to stop farting because it was making me really sick. He said loud enough for everyone to hear, "Ok. I'll try to suck them up and release them in the hallway." I busted up laughing. A few minutes later, class was excused and sure enough, he ventured down to the fifth grade classrooms and conspicuously was walking around letting everything out. For the sake of the 3rd grade, I didn't stop him.

The moral of this story, don't but sloppy joe mix from Smith's.

Well, Friday morning we leave for Moab. I'm really excited to get some alone time with Cory. Dustin and David will be joining up with us Saturday and Sunday. Then Monday we'll join my family. It'll be a good trip. I can't wait to get away!!


Easter Egg Hunt and New Moon

I told myself that if I finished two assignments, I could take a break and blog while eating ice cream. So here we are. Today Cory and I went with my mom to take Bradlee and Brock to a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. It was cold, but it was so cute!! The kids were super excited (Bradlee especially) and I only saw one little kid cry. There was quite a big turn out as well.
Telling Uncle Cory how excited they are...
Brock was a little tired
Bradlee warming up with rocks

The real deal!!
This kids with their spoils
They made quite the mess with their candy
But they were happy about it
And we had a good time, too.

After the hunt we came back home and had pizza and watched New Moon with Cory's family. Only the girls had seen it before. I don't think the guys were too impressed. Half way through the movie I got slammed with a wave of exhaustion and ended up falling asleep. Shirleen told me when I woke up that Braden was like, "Grandma! Megan fell asleep!" haha. He cracks me up. It was nice to hang out with them for a little bit. Today has been a great day so far.

But, for now, I must return to my homework. :(


I Really Did Marry THE Best!!!

I have the most talented man!! I couldn't be more proud of him! Today he and two teammates had their SkillsUSA state welding competition. They built a welding cart in 4 hours. I'm proud to say that they received 2nd place out of 18 statewide! I went to the awards ceremony with him and one of his teammates and they were so excited! They worked so hard. An accomplishment like this will be a huge asset to their careers.
Here's my very tired, but very handsome silver medalist
A closeup of his medal
Congratulations, Cory!!


So not fair!

I arrived in Holiday early for my hair appointment so to kill time I went looking at the mansions nestled just under Mt Olympus. These home are incredible. They're not the standard mansions you see today. They're from a long time ago with unique architecture and tons of windows. Case in point: this house, which happens to be for sale. You can't see it, but the house goes on for eons behind this huge part. I was just jealous of the walls and ceiling decked out in windows. That's my dream. Anyone wanna loan me a couple million?
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I got my hair done again today. I love it! I didn't take a picture last time, so here ya go. You get one of me in my jammies right before bed. Heather you rock my socks! Thanks a million for helping me look better :)
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Time to Grow

I told you guys a while ago that I would let you know how the Oil of Olay body wash was working out. Well, it's awesome in the shower because it makes my skin feel like silk. But as far as helping the eczema, I haven't noticed a difference. I only have small patches in random places. My hand and wrist have cleared up entirely. However, my left elbow and upper arm are still driving me insane. The sucky weather doesn't help either. Anyway, for those that wanted to know, it's not a great help in the sensitive skin department. But it doesn't make it worse so... BONUS! 

Thanks for your concerns about Cory and I. We're doing ok, we just got some news that was a little discouraging and we felt like our future plans flew right out the window. But, we went to the temple and prayed together and we feel better now. The news raised some questions that won't be answered for a while, but at least until then, we are comforted and we know that no matter what, the Lord will help us. That's such a great feeling to have! And we knew crap like this was bound to come sometime. Life has been too perfect. We were well overdue for a trial or two. Time to grow, right?

I've had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our blessings in our marriage lately. Compared to many others, we don't have much. But we've ALWAYS had what we needed and even get blessed with some things we want. What more could we ask for? The Lord is truly watching out for us. I feel like we don't deserve it sometimes because we haven't done anything special. But reagardless, I'm so happy for our lives. I tell people all the time just how much I love Cory. He was totally worth the wait and the heartache I went through to find him. I never dreamed I'd find someone as incredible as him.


St, Patrick's Day

I usually get pretty in to St. Patrick's Day, but this year I didn't really care. My co-worker inspired me to have a little more spirit so I went around the school like this today:

No, I'm not trying to look "sexy". It's the, "kiss me I'm Irish" look. Even though I'm very, very Scottish. Anyway, the kids loved the hat. The kindergarten teacher told me her class was talking about it today. It's worth looking like a total dork for those guys.

My day started out pretty fun but then quickly went to pot. The last 48 hours have been a little challenging for Cory and I. I don't want to talk about why, but we've both been a little on edge and a tad depressed. Hopefully we can snap out of it. Life goes on, even when it throws you something you didn't expect. I'm trying to not let things get to me and see the positive side to everything. It's so not easy. But at least I'm trying... progress will come eventually. We're trying to do the right things and as long as we're doing that, I know everything will be ok.

Moab is 3 weeks away!! Cory finished putting in his new locker yesterday. He's so excited! He's wanted a locker for such a long time and we saved for quite a while. He bought it in January and has been waiting for good weather to put it in. It always amazes me how talented he is with his hands. He can fix anything, I swear. We can't wait to test it out in Moab!!

I was going to write more but I'm getting a headache and should probably get away from the glare of the screen. I hope everyone enjoyed the awesome weather today!


Primary Power

Cory and I are both really sick of primary. We love the kids, we're just very ready for a change and to actually get to meet more people in the ward. Someday, perhaps...
Anyway, regardless of how we feel, we still have cool moments. The kids are learning a song called "I Known That My Savior Loves Me". It's a tear jerker for sure. Here are the words:
A long time ago in a beautiful place
children were gathered round Jesus
He blessed and taught as they felt of His love
Each saw the tears on His face

The love that He felt for His little ones
I know He feels for me
I did not touch Him or sit on His knee
but Jesus us real to me.

I know He lives
I will follow faithfully
My heart I give to Him
I know that my Savior loves me.

There's a second verse but we haven't learned it well enough yet for me to remember the words exactly. Can you imagine little 6 year olds singing this song with all their hearts? Anyway, today I got the most intense feeling that our little unborn children are singing along each time and they feel the exact same way about Jesus. They are gathered around him right now and sitting on his knee. They're playing and giggling with their unborn cousins and other friends. It hit me so hard I had to leave the primary room so I could go cry in the bathroom. I feel almost guilty that when we do have kids, we'll be taking them away from that. But I am so excited to offer them a chance on this earth and I know we have little spirits up there itching to come down. They just need to be a little more patient until Mommy and Daddy are ready for them.Until then, I'm sure they're perfectly content right here...


Sore Cheeks

Today was the blessed happy day... today we went to see Brian Regan!!!! I was so stinking excited. My good friend, Cory, and I had a blast. I was constantly laughing my cheeks ached. All his jokes were new, too. The front row was incredible too. I could almost reach out and touch him! I'll probably fall asleep smiling tonight. He is the best comedian ever! Enjoy the pictures.


How can I not be constantly happy with a husband like this? I am one lucky gal :)
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Girl Time!!

It's been a good week so far. Wednesday, my mom, Tory, Lisa, and I had a girls night. We went to Applebee's for dinner then went to see Fiddler on the Roof at Hale Center Theatre. The play was AMAZING! I've never seen anything so good before. We had a ton of fun as well.

The girls.

People say we look exactly the same... what do you think?

All the McLachlan ladies. Well, the adult ones anyway.
As if one night of girl time wasn't enough, last night I got together with some girls from work. I forgot I had my camera, so no pictures. But it was good to sit and talk. We had lots of ice cream and blabbed on and on about stuff. It was nice. I had a good time. I hope everyone else did too!

Family and Friends pretty much rock. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by great people :)


Moron 101

I read today that Lindsay Lohan is suing etrade for their "milkoholic" commercial because she claims they used her name without permission and they are making fun of her characterizations. She wants $100 million out of these guys. First off, way to get your ducks in a row, Lindsay, by admitting that you are in fact a whore who has an addiction. Not to milk, but other liquid, I'm quite sure. Second, her lawyer made a public statement that she goes by just "Lindsay" to the public. Her name is as recognizable to the public as Madonna and Cher and etrade used that to their advantage. They should have used a more common name like Susan. Hm... that seems like a good argument. I don't know a single other person named Lindsay. Etrade said they picked the name because they have an employee in accounting named Lindsay. Now that's a coincidence! Lohan is also upset because of the huge amounts of money the company has been bringing in because of that commercial since it aired during the Superbowl. She wants her share of the cash. I believe this incident of suing etrade for idiotic reasons out performs them all. Way to go Lindsay, way to go! *standing ovation*

I must leave you now and do my homework. But tomorrow I get to go to Fiddler on the Roof, Thursday I get a girls night after kickboxing, and Saturday is the most coveted day in 2010; BRIAN REGAN!! Not that I'm excited or anything...


We're Back!

Well hello again public world! I've thought for a while now about which is worse, letting people read my blog that I don't appreciate, or being on Facebook. Clearly, I've made my choice. I'm really hating Facebook lately. It's nice to keep updated with friends and family, but for some people I'm kept TOO updated. Facebook is annoying in the fact that every little thing someone does is publicized. Anyway, I'll keep my account but in order to downsize time spent on there, I'm going to update our blog more often.

Wow, life is hectic! I have so much homework in the next few weeks, especially this week, I could cry. Actually, I already have but I could cry again. I AM a woman. I also have many fun things going on this week, so I need to get it all done so I can enjoy them. Cory is spending his time building another rear bumper to sell. It's going to have a logo and everything. Very official! I'm so proud of him. He's so talented! We're busy but happy otherwise. Thank heavens for Cory. He keeps me from losing my head. :)

In sad news, I won't be a Utah student this summer. I'll need to get my associates or letter of completion before they'll take me. I wish they would have told me that sooner. So, instead, I'll probably look for a summer job. If anyone knows of anything, let me know. NO LANDSCAPING. haha.

In unrelated news, this is a blog, so I wish to blog about super irrelevant things. First off, I'm sad Avatar got snubbed at the Oscars last night. The Academy always pics rated "R" movie. Morals just can't win. Also, I LOVE Sandra Bullock.
She's gorgeous and wonderful. However, her arms were so sick! Women should NOT have muscular arms, unless they choose to be body builders. It's just gross. In my opinion, women should look feminine like this:

They should NOT look like dudes.
I also was informed about a body wash that's supposed to be good for sensitive skin.

A friend of mine told me that her daughter also has eczema and Olay keeps her's in check. I tried it last night. It was super awesome as far as moisturizing is concerned and I haven't itched yet since using it. I'll have to keep you updated on how it does. It's worth the price. And if it works, I can stop going tanning! YAY!! That'll save me tons of money. 
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day!