Quite a Day

Today is totally worth mentioning. We started our morning visiting my friend Becky who had her little boy about 3 weeks ago. He is so stinking cute!! I hope we have babies that are cute. It was good to finally visit her, and it was fun to see Cory hold a newborn :).

Next, we ventured up to the University of Utah so I could meet with an adviser about how long it'll take me to finish. I have essentially 3 more years. However, in the midst of figuring everything out, it just fell in to place that I needed to start going there this summer. So, I applied and sent my transcripts there. Assuming I get everything worked out with SLCC in time, and I get enough financial aid, I'll officially be a U student this summer. I'm so excited!! A little nervous about taking on full credit hours again, but I know I can handle it.

Also, today my parents sold the Montero. I'm kind of sad to know it's gone. So many memories in that car! Lisa hitting someone while backing up, my first day with my license not knowing the ignition can lock up and all you have to do it turn the steering wheel (I was told this AFTER I walked home cause I couldn't get it to start), Collin hitting stuff, countless times in Moab, the old lady my mom offered a ride to at the bus stop who had severe diarrhea in the back, it getting stolen, taking it to dances in high school, Standing up in the sunroof, fighting over who had to sit in the back seats.... SO many memories :) But, now it's someone else's to enjoy. Farewell, Montero! May it bring you as much drama as it brought us; in a good way.


Wendy said...

Okay, now I REALLY feel bad about selling it! I'd forgotten some of those memories!

Jennifer said...

Cars do have so many memories attached. It makes it a rather emotional experience when the time comes to say goodbye to the big hunks of metal. :) Good luck in school this summer too! I remember enjoying the summer semesters when I did them.