Holy Crap!

  My parents have talked for so long about selling the Montero and the tent trailer in order to get a truck and a camper trailer. It seemed like it would never happen. Well, it did in the last 3 days. I'm so excited for them!! My mom found sweet deals on both. She got a 2006 Dodge 2500 5.7 liter hemi, white. It's such a nice truck. Then, we went to the RV Show yesterday to get ideas and sure enough she found another amazing deal on a brand new trailer. I think we're all still in shock that they found such nice things that fit in their budget. I can't wait to take the trailer on it's maiden voyage! Here are some pictures of the trailer:
The door is on the right. The couch my mom and Lisa are sitting on folds down into a bed. That's where Cory and I will sleep when we decide to stay with them on trips.

Here is the tiny bathroom. Look Tory, a shower!
The bathroom sink is outside of the bathroom. That was a big selling point for us. 
 These are the back bunks. The top is probably for Collin and the bottom is where my parents will sleep. 
Here is the dinning table. It also folds down into a bed. 

Above is the kitchen area 

And above is just another shot. It's such a nice trailer. I'm way excited for my parents! They should be able to pick it up sometime this next week.



Wendy said...

Is that your husband on MY bed? That's not right . . .

Lisa McLachlan said...

Thanks to this wonderful trailer, I have been dreaming about camping for three days now...Alas, it is 20 degreees outside!!

Jennifer said...

That sounds and looks like an awesome camping outfit! Wow, that's really nice that the sink is outside of the bathroom and that there are so many beds.