Holy Crap!

  My parents have talked for so long about selling the Montero and the tent trailer in order to get a truck and a camper trailer. It seemed like it would never happen. Well, it did in the last 3 days. I'm so excited for them!! My mom found sweet deals on both. She got a 2006 Dodge 2500 5.7 liter hemi, white. It's such a nice truck. Then, we went to the RV Show yesterday to get ideas and sure enough she found another amazing deal on a brand new trailer. I think we're all still in shock that they found such nice things that fit in their budget. I can't wait to take the trailer on it's maiden voyage! Here are some pictures of the trailer:
The door is on the right. The couch my mom and Lisa are sitting on folds down into a bed. That's where Cory and I will sleep when we decide to stay with them on trips.

Here is the tiny bathroom. Look Tory, a shower!
The bathroom sink is outside of the bathroom. That was a big selling point for us. 
 These are the back bunks. The top is probably for Collin and the bottom is where my parents will sleep. 
Here is the dinning table. It also folds down into a bed. 

Above is the kitchen area 

And above is just another shot. It's such a nice trailer. I'm way excited for my parents! They should be able to pick it up sometime this next week.



Quite a Day

Today is totally worth mentioning. We started our morning visiting my friend Becky who had her little boy about 3 weeks ago. He is so stinking cute!! I hope we have babies that are cute. It was good to finally visit her, and it was fun to see Cory hold a newborn :).

Next, we ventured up to the University of Utah so I could meet with an adviser about how long it'll take me to finish. I have essentially 3 more years. However, in the midst of figuring everything out, it just fell in to place that I needed to start going there this summer. So, I applied and sent my transcripts there. Assuming I get everything worked out with SLCC in time, and I get enough financial aid, I'll officially be a U student this summer. I'm so excited!! A little nervous about taking on full credit hours again, but I know I can handle it.

Also, today my parents sold the Montero. I'm kind of sad to know it's gone. So many memories in that car! Lisa hitting someone while backing up, my first day with my license not knowing the ignition can lock up and all you have to do it turn the steering wheel (I was told this AFTER I walked home cause I couldn't get it to start), Collin hitting stuff, countless times in Moab, the old lady my mom offered a ride to at the bus stop who had severe diarrhea in the back, it getting stolen, taking it to dances in high school, Standing up in the sunroof, fighting over who had to sit in the back seats.... SO many memories :) But, now it's someone else's to enjoy. Farewell, Montero! May it bring you as much drama as it brought us; in a good way.



Our Valentines Day was awesome. We celebrated mostly on Saturday, which was fine by us. Cory had to work most of the day, so I spent the day with my Mom and Tyler's kids, whom she was babysitting. Cory got home around 5:30 and had two lovely bouquets for me because he couldn't decide which one he liked more.

They both were beautiful so we crammed them into the same vase. Clearly we do not have a future in floral arrangement. But they smell wonderful!
Later, we went on a double date with Dustin (Cory's older brother, for those of you who don't know) and my friend Heather. We went to Benihana. It's expensive, but oh man did we have a great time!! The experience is totally worth the money. And the food is pretty awesome as well.

After dinner we came back to our house and played Wii Fit. I don't think any of us have laughed that hard in a long time. We had a total blast. It was nice to get out and enjoy ourselves.

Life has been good otherwise. I'll have to update more when I have more time. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


Kind of Losing My Mind

I'm so incredibly bored right now. I've spent the entire weekend inside with the worst sore throat I can remember having in ages, along with body aches and a horrible fever, and I think I might explode. I did all the homework for the week for one of my classes and half of the other class and I still have time to kill. I wish life had a fast forward button. There are so many things Cory and myself are waiting for and none of them seem like they'll ever get here. First off, the end of winter. I'm so sick of gloomy skies and cold weather and being stuck inside. It's just depressing. We're also getting anxious for Cory to start at Kennecott. I'm going to be REALLY pissed if we waited all this time and planned only to find out there aren't any available positions for him come spring time. It's a possibility that we're somewhat prepared for. But I just keep telling myself that hopefully Cory got this scholarship that we prayed so hard for because he needed the JOB and the Lord knows that. I'll just keep having faith. I get discouraged sometimes when there's a lot on my plate. I'm also ready to be in a home of our own. We've been so blessed to live where we do, but I want to be on our own and have a place with windows where we can see the outside world. But this requires more waiting. Hopefully when Cory starts at Kennecott, we can start saving and time will fly by. Yet again, Megan get's another lesson in patience :).

I've also had AMPLE time to think and turn things over in my head. I want so badly to blog about frustrations and worries but that never turns out right so I'll just say this: I wish people would just be who they are. I wish lying wasn't so habitual and that people would just stay true to one thing for more than a few months. I part ways with people for a short time and they're completely different people when our paths cross again. I don't get it. The world would be a much better place if people would just be honest. But I can't make them, so I guess I'll just find a way to deal with it.

Sorry this blog is sort of depressing. Maybe something cool and exciting will happen soon...