Up and Running

Well first off, sorry to everyone for having to make our blog private. There's a small handful of people that I know who don't have good intentions when they read about our lives, so I decided to restrict them access and cut some crap out of my life. But here we are, back to blogging!! Our lives have been really awesome lately. School is up and running. Cory only has 2 classes so he doesn't even have to go to school on Tuesday's and Thursday's. My academic classes are online, but I'm also taking a kickboxing class just for the heck of it. It's going to whip me into shape, that's for sure.

This past weekend we went to the auto expo. It wasn't terribly exciting this year, but I had fun watching Bradlee buckle herself into just about every car there. Tyler and Collin had a good time, and Cory was there somewhere, but he was going at his own pace. I doubt we'll go next year, but who knows. Enjoy the pictures!!


Jennifer said...

I'm so happy that you guys have a more relaxed schedule on your plate right now. I bet that feels nice. I've done kick boxing before too, and I enjoyed it. I remember it being quite a work out, but fun at the time.

Tory said...

Those pictures are REALLY cute.

Wendy said...

Those ARE cute pictures! Are you sure that Cory was really there? (J/K) Glad you all had a good time.