This kickboxing class is going to be the death of me. Tuesday, some people in the class didn't have the right form, so she made all 30 of us line up in plank pose, like this:

we had to hold that pose while the person on the end stood up and ran to the other end and got back down in plank pose, then the next person, and so on. If someone dropped, we started over. I almost died! My abs hurt so bad it almost hurts when I eat.

Today she was sick but she still kicked our butts. I think overall I'm managing well, I just hope by the end of the semester I'll be able to participate the whole class time and not have to stop gasping for breath or sit down because my legs can't support my body anymore. And I'm not in great shape, but I wasn't in bad shape either... my goal is to not die before the end. Seems good, right?


Wendy said...

Yeah, not dying is a goal we can all live with!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a tough class! Maybe the teacher will let up a little as time goes on, or maybe it will get easier with time. Here's for hoping!