Now THAT'S a New Years Weekend!!

If I had to vote, I'd say we brought in 2010 the best way possible: with FAMILY! :) The 'Hagloch's from the south' came into town New Years Eve as well as Alicia and her parents. We decided to stay home with cousins and play games (sorry we missed your party, Amy!). Us girls went and bought snack food and by the time we returned, all the guys were engrossed in the Wii. So, we decided to have a girls night in our basement. It was fun talking all night. I never get to just veg and have girl talk so it was nice. So nice in fact, we missed the ball drop. But that's ok!

New Years Day was the annual Hagloch family ice skating extravaganza! We were all really tired, but we still had lots of fun. We missed those that couldn't make it this year!

After ice skating we went to our church and had a WONDERFUL lunch! I'll tell ya, Cory's family can cook! Then Cory's cousins who recently returned from missions told the family about their experiences. It was awesome. Later that night, we also went bowling and we all got creamed by Braden. He was really good at letting us know it, too haha.

It's always fun when we get together with all of Cory's cousins. They're such great people. I really got lucky with the family I married in to. Thanks for being amazing examples, guys!

Today Cory and I got up early (8:30 has become early in my 2 weeks off of work... I'm in big trouble Monday...) and went to our primary activity where we met our new class. They seem like really fun kids. Then we headed over to my parent's house to go sledding!! We ventured up to the Eaglewood golf course. It wasn't too crowded and the snow was slightly iced over which made for ridiculously fast hills! We had a lot of fun and almost no injuries. I ate it hard on our "short cut" to the car that was an icy hill with a jump and twisted my knee pretty bad. But I'll be ok. Be sure and watch the video on the bottom. Tyler and Cory kept trying to hit a HUGE jump. They both succeeded. I put Cory's up. If you want to watch him fly, I urge you to scroll down. You WON'T be disappointed.

Cory hurt his hip...

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Amy said...

That's ok! Looks like you had so much fun!