I Can't Wait for March!!!

So, If you've been on Facebook then you already know the exciting news but I have nothing to do right now so I'm going to blog, too. Yesterday a good friend and co-worker of mine mentioned that Brian Regan was coming to town in March and that we should go. We looked up tickets but the only seats left were the ones in the very back at the very top of Abravanel Hall. Basically meaning he'd be a tiny speck to us. Anyway, we noticed they were adding another show and tickets were going on sale this morning at 10:00 am. So, we logged on first thing at 10:00 and bought tickets and we're on the FRONT ROW!!! I've never been on the front row of anything but a movie, and that's not a good thing lol. We're really excited!! Cory is coming to. Brian Regan is my favorite comedian. Now I have something to look forward to before April :)

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Lacie said...

SO jealous! I wanted to get tickets SO bad, but i'm sooo broke! I'll be thinking of you---you'll have to let me know how it goes!