It Is Time

It's time for the annual New Years resolutions post. I glanced over last years and was pretty proud of myself for how many of them I was able to accomplish. My final glory moment was getting a 4.0 this past semester. That felt really good. Anyway, I've been pondering a lot about what to do this year since it'll be quite an exciting year for us and a lot will be unknown. But I've come up with some things I know I can improve on no matter what happens.

1. Be less judgmental. This is hard to admit publicly, but it's easier knowing so many people are in the same boat as me, but I am very critical of others. I don't want to go through my life picking out the things that bother me about people or what I think they should do differently. If I want people to accept me regardless of my faults, then I need to do the same. I can't be a hypocrite. And I hate the feeling I get when I think negatively. It's keeping me from really getting to know so many good people. No one is perfect, so why dwell on that?

2. Don't let things get to me. I'm not going to care what other people say or do, I'm going to go on with my life and keep doing what I know is right.

3. Forgive people easier. Again, no one is perfect so I need to forgive their mistakes and move on. I'm good with most people on this but there are a few I still need to just forget about.

4. Be a better friend. I talk about myself a lot. I noticed that the other day when I went to lunch with friends. I couldn't shut up! It was the first time I've really been able to sit down and talk with friends in a long time because of school, so I felt like a kid on Christmas all excited  for some girl time. But I should have let them talk more, I should have asked more questions about their life. I'm going to be a better friend to those around me and stop thinking of myself.

5. Never forget where our blessings come from. Cory and I have been outrageously blessed lately. I feel like we don't deserve it but by saying that I'm telling the Lord I don't trust His judgment. I do wholeheartedly. I don't know why we've been so lucky, but I never want to forget that He is the reason why we've been so blessed and I want to continue to thank Him for that every day of my life.

6. Find the humor in things. Life is full of many opportunities to laugh and I want to be a part of them.

7. Be more open and outgoing. I don't consider myself "shy". To me, shy means you're scared to talk to people and I'm not. I just keep to myself most of the time and wait for others to make the move. If you know me, you know I'm crazy and never shut up. But it takes a while to get to that point. I'm going to fix that. We'll be in a new ward sometime this year and I want to make as many friends as I can. I want people to know that I'm a good person and can be fun to be around.

8. Be the best mom I can be. I'm already worried about what people will think when we make the choices we're going to make in our lives. Will people think I'm a bad mom for hanging out alone with my friends without the baby? What will people say when they found out I'm going to bottle feed? What if our baby isn't crawling by the right age? The point is, it doesn't matter in the slightest. Everyone is different. Every situation, baby, and mother is different. Everyone has an opinion and wants to offer it, but no matter what I hear from others, I'm going to do my best and that's all I can do.

9. Remember what's really important in life. I always want my family, friends, and marriage to come first. I'll never sacrifice those things for worldly wants or desires. Those are the things that make me happiest and the only things I can take with me in the next life. Why waste precious time with the good things for things that really don't matter?

10. Be less selfish. This should come first, but luckily these aren't in order of importance. Serving more and thinking of others will help me be able to do all the other things easier. In serving others we forget ourselves and are happier. I need to forget about me and think of others. That's why we're here on this earth.

There are my ten goals for 2011. I'll probably come up with less important ones as life changes but these are the ones I need to fix and will work on the most. 2010 has been awesome. So many good things and accomplishments have occurred and I couldn't be happier. I hope I can look back on my life someday and say with confidence that I lived it to the best of my ability. Regardless of what others think or say, I want to know for myself that I'm doing the best I can. Happy New Year everyone!!


Christmas 2010

Let me just preface this post by saying I was the worlds biggest slacker this Christmas and took a total of 4 pictures. I started the day thinking "I need to take pictures, we don't have any recent ones," and I lazily took a couple in the morning and then placed my camera in a weird place and forgot ALL about taking photos. And to make matters worse I forgot to take it over to Cory's parents so I have none of them. But I'll make up for that on New Years. I feel awful. I think part of the problem was Cory worked Christmas day and I had a harder time with that than I thought I would. I wasn't as cheery without him as I usually am. Either way, just know I don't have very many pictures.

So, I woke up and had breakfast with Lee and Shirleen. Then I showered and went over to my parents house to open presents and have lunch. I got this picture of my mom and I:
Not the most flattering but with 4 pictures I can't afford to be picky. Anyway, we opened presents in a frenzy because I only had a short time before I had to leave. Bradlee and Brock loved their presents we got them, that is until Brock opened the Buzz Lightyear my mom got him. He freaked out. If you know him at all, you know he worships Buzz. Here he is not-so-patiently waiting for my mom to free him from the box:
Presents went by fast and then it was time for lunch, which was awesome. Christmas dinner is my favorite part about the day. We always have super nice china and the food is phenomenal and there's funeral potatoes!! Oh, here's a truly awful picture of the girls in the family. We talked about doing another one when Natalie, Collin's girl came over but we forgot. Surprised? We'll get one with everyone soon.
After lunch I went over to the Hunters and we headed out to see Narnia at the Gateway. Going to see a movie on Christmas day has been the family tradition for a long time. We swore last time we saw a 3D movie that we were done with them because they always cause us to have really bad headaches. Well, it was in 3D haha. The movie was really good though. However, lots of us had bad tension headaches the rest of the day. After the movie we came home and Cory was there (YAY!!!) I missed him so much I got emotional when I saw him. We quickly opened our presents then went and opened presents with the rest of the family. I love the way they do presents. Lee hands them out and everyone just goes for it. I think everyone loved their presents and it was fun to sit around together. After presents we had a WONDERFUL dinner of prime rib and all kinds of yummy other things. During dinner we watched Despicable Me, which is hilarious, and helped Braden put together the millions of guns he got for Christmas. After the movie we went back to my parents house so Cory could open his presents. We were both really tired at this point and my head was killing me so we weren't tons of fun. We played Catch Phrase for a short time before we had to go back home. On our way out we went to say goodbye to the kids and found Brock watching Toy Story 3 like this:
I'm glad he understands the true point of Christmas. I saw people running while going back and forth throughout the day and I thought they were literally insane. It's CHRISTMAS!! You're supposed to relax in your jammies and spend time with loved ones. Anyway, we had a good laugh before leaving.

Most of the day it didn't feel like Christmas without Cory, but I still had a great time. And when he got home it made it perfect. I love giving presents to people and watching their faces when they open them. And of course there is the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Savior. I felt like I had a hard time feeling that this year with the running around so today during church I really tried to think about it and it helped me feel the spirit. I'm truly blessed with so much in my life and I feel so undeserving. Whenever I get around to doing my tacky new years post I'll probably talk about wanting to change that. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Oh, and congrats to friends and family who got engaged this week and had wonderful things happen to them!


Dragging Behind the Wagon

This Friday I will be 12 weeks pregnant, done with my first trimester!! I've been starting to feel better and I've had more energy. I decided to take my doctors advice of "You can exercise as much and as hard as you want" and jump back on the exercise wagon, so to speak. I must not have been paying attention because I missed the jump. Bad. I knew it would be ugly, but I didn't know it would be hide in a dark cave, ugly. It's been a month since I've felt well enough to do any physical activity. I know that's not enough to put me into the rut I'm in now, so thank you little baby for helping me realize just how hard it is to do stuff with you inside me. Now I know and will not try to kill myself again. Here's what happened.

I started by getting back on the treadmill. My running shoes felt wonderful after our long time apart and I started with a warm up.I was pumped and ready to go. Or so I thought. I started with a very simple pace, 5mph. A snails pace, basically, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't overdoing it. After a half mile, I had to pause the workout and take a trip to the restroom. I thought I had cleared that one up 7 minutes BEFORE I started but I'm sure this is something I will have to get used to from here on out. Either way, I got back on and continued my run. I lasted 12 minutes total. 12. I had to stop and sit in front of the fan to keep from passing out. That was a hard pill to swallow. 3 months ago I was running 13 miles and now I'm dying after 1?? I didn't realize being pregnant would make it so hard. Either way, I resolved that in 7 or so more months I can run with just me again and things would be better. Until then I'd just try my best.

Next I did the exercise bike. A 12 minute workout was not really what I imagined so I decided to see if it would be any better. This was a heck of a lot of easier, probably since I wasn't jostling around and such. I was able to go a lot longer and do a good enough work out for my first day back on the job. I'm not going to beat myself up. At least I'm trying, right? And if it's something I love, which it is, then hopefully I'll be able to just work through the hard times and help keep myself from gaining an extra 40 pounds or so.

I also thought about something else when my "workout" went down hill. I blogged a lot over the summer about trying to love me for who I am and not being obsessed with my weight or wanting to look like anyone else. I was working on that because I knew sooner or later I would be pregnant and I knew I'd have a hard time giving up physical stuff (like climbing, that one eats at me all the time) and getting a gigantic tummy. Plus, you never know how you'll look pregnant until it happens since everyone is different. Was I going to be one of those people who just gets a huge tummy and everything else is relatively normal? Or would I be pregnant EVERYWHERE? Either way I wanted to start early at not really caring about that and loving me and just trying to enjoy this time. But, it's been so much easier than I expected. Granted I'm not huge yet and that will probably still be irritating. But, I'm not what I was 3 months ago and I've really not cared. I know it's worth it and I know it's temporary. It's a change that is so exciting and fun. Yes, there will be hard days. But I'm really glad that I'm not hating myself every day or obsessing over the scale. This is natural and not here forever and I should just enjoy it while it's here. And I should still try even when I die after running a mile. At least I'm able to run some, right? That's better than nothing! So, I had a great learning experience this morning. Maybe after a couple weeks I'll have the endurance again to pull myself back up onto that wagon instead of just dragging behind it.


David Archuleta and More

Thursday evening we had tickets to go see the MoTab Christmas concert with David Archuleta. It was so awesome! I wanted to take pictures of us outside the Conference Center since I haven't taken any pictures lately, but I forgot my camera. The concert was wonderful. He is one talented kid. What I loved the most about him when he was on American Idol was his innocence and humility and that hasn't changed. His voice is so pure and powerful. We had a really great time even though it was so stinking cold outside!

I checked my grades yesterday and I'm so happy to report that after a semester of busting my butt, I got a 4.0!! That leaves me with a cumulative GPA of 3.82. I'm proud of myself. Way to go out with a bang, eh? I just hope I can keep the trend going when I go to Weber next spring and have a little baby to look after. I think I'll be able to manage. I hope.

I'll try to do better at taking pictures because that's one thing that makes a blog interesting. I hope everyone is having a good Christmas season so far.


I Made It!!!

Up until Tuesday morning I felt like a balloon in a room of pins. I thought for sure I was done for. But, I've safely deflated and I can now say that I AM DONE WITH SLCC!!! After a whole weekend and 6 straight hours of work on Monday, I finished all my finals and projects and so far am coming out on top. I have one grade in already that's an "A", I'm just waiting for the others. I've had two days now where I've been able to do whatever I wanted after work. Yesterday I went Christmas shopping and today I kidnapped my mom and bugged her all afternoon. I'm not really sure what to do with myself. No, I can no longer use homework as an excuse to get out of Cory's dog house for not doing anything around the house. But on the bright side, soon I'll be able to use the pregnancy excuse! MUAHAHAHA!!! Alright, I'll save that one for special occasions. Either way, I'm really excited to be done and not always have a stress headache. Friends, beware! I'll start to bug you again from now on.

I promised myself that I wouldn't always blog about pregnancy things because it gets really old, but since I'm claiming free reign today, here's some things I've experienced lately:
I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. I'm going to eat us out of house and home! I've always had a large appetite, so you can imagine how disastrous this must be!
The other day my mom asked me to sing a song with her while she was playing the piano. It's a sad song already entitled, "You Would Have Loved This" that reminds me of my Aunt Kim and Adrianne. But in the middle I just started bawling!! The tears were suddenly just there, without any warning at all. I didn't even have that painful lump in the throat first. BAM! Here's some tears. It was weird.
I can tell which kids have showered and which ones haven't. Not my favorite part of the day.
I'm becoming less and less awake each time I need to wake up in the middle of the night to, um... you know. Maybe this will be the start of a beautiful relationship between myself and sleep-walking. As long as I don't make any messes, how bad could it be?
Everything annoys the crap out of me.
I had someone pat my belly the other day, even though it's not really a tummy yet, and I almost cried.
I'm getting maternity clothes for Christmas, even though I won't need them quite yet. I can tell you this, they may be comfy but I am so not looking forward to being huge.
I love every pregnant woman I see. I just want to hug them and freak out over the exciting yet miserable time we're both experiencing and bond. But I don't, because that's just creepy.
And finally...
Cory has been so sweet to me and has already been so helpful. He's seriously the best.

I want to write more but I'm hungry again (surprise, surprise) and should probably go make something before  I phase into my other form. Hell hath no fury like a hungry Megan.


Our First Appointment

Today we had our first appointment with the doctor. I didn't know what to expect except blood tests. Even though I tried not to get excited, I was so ecstatic to be there I just kept smiling and laughing at everything the nurse said like some idiot. I even bravely asked her if she needed my urine because if not, I needed to get rid of it. She was so cute and friendly. She probably gets first time nit-wits like us all the time. But that would be the fun part of the job, assisting new and excited parents. Anyway, he did an ultrasound and as soon as it started up he said, "Aw, only one." PHEW!! I was really nervous twins were in the future because I'm already showing a little bit. Everyone says you can't tell, but I can and so can Cory. He prodded around a little and we got to see his little heart beating and tears instantly came to my eyes. Then he started moving around and we even got to see him wave "at us" (the nurse gasped and said "Look! He's waving at mommy and daddy!") and he kicked his legs and squirmed around a little bit. It was so exciting!! I just stared in awe at the little guy. It was such a huge relief to see that there's really something in there and so far, it has all it's parts and looks healthy and normal. Here are the photos we got:
Here's the side view. You can see his arm and legs and this is where the heart beat was.
 Here's the back of him. You can see his left arm and spine.
 This one is my FAVORITE!! You can see his nose if you look closely and his arms and feet.
It was so cute to see the little one moving around inside me. In 4 weeks we'll hear the heartbeat and in 4 more weeks we'll know what we're having. Cory was so cute. I can't describe the look on his face when he saw the ultrasound. Pure joy and amazement. I think he finally gets that we have a baby now. He did before, but when we got home he patted my belly with a huge grin on his face. It was such a fun visit!!


Hello, New Life

I hurried home today to get all my homework done so Cory and I could actually spend some time together tonight without one of us being in front of a computer screen. Anyway, I came home and regardless of the raging pregnancy hunger that always makes me stop off at a fast food restaurant after work, I made dinner for the first time in weeks. I sat down while it cooked and began to read my chapters for my quiz that was due. Despite my best efforts, I could NOT get warm. I had a space heater going in front of me, a very large fleece blanket doubled over covering me, I had a fuzzy vest on with the hood pulled tightly over my head, and I avoided drinking water to keep my core from getting colder. Then the food was ready and I ate it about as daintily as the T-Rex on Jurassic Park eats that goat, and resumed life inside my cocoon to get warm. With a full tummy and the white noise of the space heater coupled with the fact that my energy level matches that of a q-tip, I fell asleep mid-read, sitting upright, for the first time that I can ever remember. Even when I was little I struggled falling asleep sitting up on long car rides. Thank heavens someone sent me a text message and pulled me from my slumber. Who knows how long I could have slept like that. Megan, welcome to pregnancy life. I thank my lucky stars I'm not doing school next semester. I want to say only 7 more months of this, but thing won't really improve with a newborn. And let's face it, pregnant or not, I've always been a ravenous beast with food. That'll remain forever.


Bet Ya Never Saw THIS One Coming...


That's right folks! Here's the whole flipping story :)

Last December, I had 9 friends who were pregnant at the same time and December was about the time the babies started coming. I was happy for them, but I was very anti-pregnancy because now all my friends couldn’t do anything and they didn’t want to talk to me because I knew nothing about being pregnant. So I felt abandoned and a little bit bitter. So you can imagine my shock when all of the sudden I started thinking about having kids and wanting babies. I batted away the thought each time it came but it started to become more and more persistent. I told myself it was only happening because everyone else was having babies and I just needed to think about something else. But it never went away.

Then one day while making the bed, Cory out of the blue asks, “Have you been thinking about having kids lately?” My stomach dropped. Cory doesn’t talk about things like that much and if he does, I’m always the one who brings it up. I hesitantly said, “Yeah…have you?’ He replied with, “Yeah…” we looked at each other and after about 2 seconds it dawned on us what this meant and we simultaneously said, “Crap.” We both had been getting the feeling that it was time to start thinking about kids. We talked about it and decided I’d stop birth control in the summer and we’d see what happens. I prayed about it and felt so strongly that there is a little spirit up there just begging the Lord to tell us it’s time to think about it because it wants to be with us so badly. Needless to say, I was scared and touched. Kids were NOT in our immediate future so suddenly planning on when to have them was a huge step.

So anyway, time went on and I started training for the half-marathon and we decided we wanted to go to Hawaii. Two things that would push back having kids. I didn’t want to be pregnant for the race so we decided to stop the pill in August. Even if I got pregnant right away I wouldn’t be able to tell that early. Also, we were planning on Hawaii in December and that would mean at the most I would be 4 months along when we went, which was doable. I was feeling good about things and starting to get excited.

We began to save money for Hawaii and I researched the trip and got my hopes way, way up. Then one day Cory started acted all funny about going. He wouldn’t talk like it was really happening. This continued for a few days and worried me deeply when suddenly he exploded about going one night and exclaimed that he doesn’t like saving our money for that and he’d rather use to towards a home. He wanted to go to Hawaii but he also wanted to give us a stronger foundation. I was so upset the he didn’t want to go anymore that I completely became irrational and cried and cried. Like I said, my hopes were way up. I finally calmed down and prayed to have Cory’s mind changed but instead the Lord changed mine. I felt that now was not the time for us to go to Hawaii and we needed to focus our finances on more important things. I went to talk to Cory about my change of heart. We talked about not going and when we both decided not to, we felt completely peaceful. We laid there feeling the peace when the thought came to me, “If you’re not going to Hawaii anymore, why does it matter when you get pregnant?” I couldn’t come up with a logical excuse. It was the middle of July and my race was a month away. If I got pregnant right away, I’d still be able to run. About ten minutes of reluctantly letting go (temporarily) of my dream to go to Hawaii, we’d officially decided to stop birth control and have kids.

I can’t tell you how weird that moment was for me. I always assumed kids would just come. I never thought we’d actually get the luxury of deciding when we wanted them. And now was the time. It took a few days for the reality to sink in but once it did, I accepted it whole-heartedly. I started to get really excited and just felt ready for it. We were hoping to get pregnant quick so that I could have the baby by early next summer and start school at Weber in the fall. It was on our minds and we talked about it every now and then. The best part was we went for Chinese food one night and we were talking about kids when I opened my fortune cookie and it said, “You know what you want. Get to work and make it materialize.” I’ve never laughed so hard at a fortune cookie in my life. I didn’t even need to add “in bed” at the end.

Like the idiot I am, I assumed that since we’d both been prompted to have kids and I felt so strongly that there’s a little spirit waiting, that we’d get pregnant right away. But like all things, it was on the Lords time. July passed and no baby. August came and went and no baby. September flew by, no baby. I was getting frustrated.

Towards the latter half of October I began to get very, very tired every day. I took all I could manage to stay up past 9. I thought maybe I was pregnant but didn’t want to get my hopes up. Then a few days before I was supposed to “start” I began to get cramps. I know people try for years but this was our 4th month it felt like my period was coming and I just flipped out. I was so emotional I cried for two days. Not straight, but I cried a lot. I tried to stop but I couldn’t. (now I know why) I wanted to be pregnant so bad and I didn’t understand why it wasn’t happening. I know, I’m dramatic. Anyway, I finally calmed down and just decided to occupy myself with other things. My cramps continued and I ignored them. Then before I knew it, I was a day late and still had cramps. To avoid another melt down I decided to just convince myself my period would start later than I thought. I waited. Another day went by and I still didn’t start. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and took a cheap Wal Mart brand test. I stared at it for the 3 minutes and slowly watched a faint +sign appear on the stick. I was shocked! I took the test to Cory and asked if he could see it and he said yes. That’s when I cried. I was so excited and so scared all at the same time. We decided to go buy a better brand and take it the next morning when I first woke up just to double check. So we didn’t have any confusion, we bought a digital one so we wouldn’t have to try and read lines. So the next morning I took it and it said pregnant right away. I knew it would, but it made it that much more real. I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself. I even did a little dance in a circle in the bathroom.

To my utter shock, Cory, who usually is so laid back and chill about everything, was adamant about not telling anyone until Christmas. I about died. I had a couple friends who knew we were trying who I told anyway because I had a million questions. I lasted about a week and begged Cory to let us tell our parents. I used the excuse, “Who am I supposed to talk to about it?” and he finally caved. We told Cory’s parents first, then mine. We gave each of them this little poem:

I do not have a face to see,
or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss;
I don't yet have a name.
You can't hold my tiny hands,
nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song,
or cuddle me so near.
But all will change come July 1st
when they say I'm due.
I'm your new grandson or granddaughter;
I can't wait till I meet you.
All I ask between now and then
is your patience while I grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait,
because of all the love we'll know.
So as you're waiting patiently,
please pray lots of prayers for me.
I cannot wait to be a part
of this wonderful family!

Of course our Mom’s cried and the Dad’s didn’t understand why, but were really excited too. We agreed we’d tell everyone else at Christmas time when I was 12 weeks along and it was a little safer to announce the news. Let me tell ya, keeping a secret like that was not easy!! I let it slip to a few people I know I could trust here and there and told some work people so they’d know why I was so tired. But finally, FINALLY I convinced Cory to let us tell everyone at Thanksgiving. I was dying keeping the secret and clearly wasn’t doing that good of a job anyway. Also, I wanted people to know why I was getting fat (even though everyone says you can’t tell, I can tell) and why I’d suddenly stopped exercising. I wanted them to know why I’m falling asleep all the time and why I’m suddenly opposed to so many foods I once loved. So, we got to tell everyone. First was Cory’s family and we dropped the bomb at Thanksgiving dinner. Then we told my family the following Sunday. Most everyone is excited for us.

I was so excited, but then the fears settled in. What if it’s a false pregnancy and there is no baby? What if I have a miscarriage? What if the baby is deformed or handicapped? What if delivery doesn’t go well? Am I going to handle being a mom well? Am I really ready for this? I know stress is bad, but those fears are perfectly normal and I tried to ignore them. I was about 4 weeks when I found out and the doctor won’t see me until 9 weeks along. So I have a long time to wait to hear a confirmation that everything is going fine so far. By next Friday I should feel a little better, I hope. Everyone always asks me how I’m feeling. At first I was perfectly ok and I thought I was going to get the easy end of the deal. But then at about 6 weeks, I started to get sick from smells, food, and breathing. I never threw up, but I was always nauseous. I didn’t want to eat anything. Then, what I could eat would give me such bad heartburn I’d just cry knowing how much it would hurt to eat what was in front of me. I called my doctor and he told me Zantac would help since Tums was doing squat. Zantac has been the biggest life saver! It even calms my stomach down a bit and I’ve been less afraid of food. I’m wicked tired and barely make it past 9 anymore. This Thanksgiving weekend I’ve slept about 10 hours every night and I’ve had naps every day. Compared to most people, I’m doing great. I just hate not feeling 100% ever.

Cory and I are really excited to have a baby. Of course, Cory’s not carrying it so it’s still a figment of his imagination right now. I’ve been told it doesn’t really hit them until they hear the heartbeat and understand their baby is inside you. We have a boy name already picked out and we are really hoping for a boy. We wouldn’t be sad if it was a girl, but… you know. I get these moments of sheer terror where I wonder why in the heck we’re doing this and if I’m going to be able to handle it. Life will never be the same. Ever. But overall, we’re so thrilled and can’t wait to meet our little bean!!!



I'm sorry I don't have pictures for this post... I've been a camera slacker lately. But I'll proceed with what happened anyway even though I've heard countless people say, "I only look at their blog for the pictures." Hopefully someone will read this.

We traveled to Burley, Idaho for Thanksgiving. We left early Thursday morning and as soon as we reached the Idaho border, the roads turned to ice and snow because Idaho has a problem with plowing their roads it seems. After a slightly tense ride, we made it and surrounded ourselves with family, wonderful food, and games. The boys planted themselves in front of the xbox the whole time and the rest of us found stuff to keep us entertained. Cory woke up early Friday morning to get some deals on things at Walmart. I should have gone with him, I could have prevented the amount of money he spent. But oh well. Some of the stuff he got is pretty sweet. And in the spirit of Christmas I told him that he can keep everything he bought if I can spend that much on MY presents. Aren't I a good wife?

We had a really good time in Burley. I always envy how close Cory's extended family is. It feels like he's got a million brothers and sisters. I'm glad I can be part of such a neat family.

I hope everyone got to have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember the things they're grateful for. Oh, and one more thing... GO UTES!!!


I Know, It's Cliche...

...but I wanted to post about the things I'm grateful for in no particular order:

1. Cory. I don't know where I'd be without this guy. I was just telling Collin that whenever I think back to where I was, and where I am now, and how happy we are, I get emotional. He is my rock, my foundation, my everything. He knows how to cheer me up, make me cry, piss me off, and take away pain. Sometimes I swear he knows me better than I know myself. He's truly my best friend. I don't deserve a guy as wonderful as him so I make sure to thank the Lord for him every night. He's my bright shining star that keeps me happy all the time.

2. Our families. I could go on and on with this one, but I'm just going to say we have the most loving, supportive, awesome families ever. We are so blessed with such a strong support group and so much love around us.

3. Friends. Where would I be without them? I can't explain the deep love and appreciation I have for those friends of mine who have stuck by me and have always been there for me. They've listened to me go on and on about myself without complaining. They've given great advice when I wanted to hear it and when I didn't. They make me smile, laugh, and love. They look out for me and I love the random text messages I get all the time asking how things are going. I love girls nights and chatting with my guy friends. I love knowing there's always someone I can call when I'm frustrated or just bored and we'll have a great time. Thanks for always being there and making time for me. It means the world to me!!

4. Priorities. Life doesn't get more simple with them, but it makes a whole lot more sense. When I get frustrated that I can't go do something or that I have a test, I just remind myself how important my education is. When I want to run and can't, I remember the Lord cares more about who I spend my time with or who I helped that day rather than how many miles I was able to squeeze in. When I get annoyed with people I just remember I have so many great people around me who are worth my time and love and I should just ignore the rest. I try to remember what matters most in the long run and that always gets me through the day.

5. The Gospel. I won't be preachy here but I've never been happier than when I have a strong testimony and I'm striving hard to live up to the standards of the Gospel. I love every aspect of the Gospel; scriptures, priesthood, prophet, prayer... etc.

6. Our home. I gripe about living in a cave and dwelling amongst the spiders, but I really am so thankful that we have a warm, safe place to call our own. So many people don't have that luxury.

7. Our education. Although I hate doing homework and having class, I am so grateful both Cory and I have the opportunity to have an education and better ourselves and learn all we can. I don't want to think where we'd be without it. In fact, it's what got us #8.

8. Our jobs. I'm also grateful that we love our jobs. We're both doing something so fulfilling and I love that we have means to provide sufficiently for ourselves. What a huge blessing. I couldn't be more grateful for that.

9. Modern Medicine. I'm grateful there's technology out there that can save lives and heal those in pain.

10. Adrianne. I miss her every day and I'm so blessed to have had a friend like her. I know she's working her butt off in heaven right now and working her magic on others. If there was ever a true friend, it was her. She never gave up on me and abandoned me. I love her so much.

I have a slew of things I'm grateful for that I know I could live without, but I'll just keep it simple and meaningful today. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!


Birthday 2010

Well, another year has come and gone. Birthday's aren't terribly exciting anymore since getting older just isn't fun. But it's always fun to have a day where those around you show how much they love and care about you. And that's just what happened. The kids at school were more excited than I was that it was my birthday. They made me cards and told me happy birthday lots and lots. One card even had a tooth taped to it as my gift. Although it was a little gross, how sweet of a thought. Those kids are awesome. Our birthday gift this year from the school is a half day off so I got to go home at noon. The kids for some reason thought I wasn't coming back and were devastated. I told them it was just for the day and they calmed down.

After leaving work Cory and I headed down to the Gateway where we met up with Lisa. We had a yummy lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and then went to see the new Harry Potter. I loved it. Because it has to stop in the middle of the book, the ending was a little...inadequate, but it was still good. And the "nude scene" wasn't as bad as I was expecting. No body parts are shown, but I do totally agree it wasn't necessary in the slightest. Oh well. It's very brief. After the movie we headed to my parents for my annual "Birthday dinner". We usually go out somewhere but I wasn't feeling it so we ordered Cafe Rio and just ate it at home with everyone. I was so excited to spend time with the family but I got the WORST stomach pains I've had in a long time. I tried to hide it and have fun anyway but I finally just had to go lay down and wait for it to pass. I wasn't thrilled about that little gift from my body. It's the kind where you wait too long to eat and then you can't eat anything and what you do try to eat makes your stomach hurt so bad. Anyway, it finally went away in time for us to go home and go to bed. Despite the sucky ending, it was a great birthday. Cory got me the new ipod shuffle for running with. I told him I wanted him to pick out a present for me this year without help. He did great! I can't wait till I have time again to get out and run and use it. I've been way too busy for fun. I got a gift card to Mikado from Cory's parents which I was so excited about!! My mom gave me a new Willow Tree figurine since she knows I love those, and she also bought me a penny whistle. That's right. I've wanted one for a while now. Now I just need a place to practice it without driving everyone insane. Lisa was the one who took us to lunch and the movie and I got an Old Navy gift card from Tyler and Tory. I love gift cards. You can never go wrong with them. Unless they're to some place you hate like Scrap Books R Us. Overall it was a really great birthday. Thanks everyone for making it so wonderful!



There's nothing like finding out a test you planned to take all Friday night to get ready for isn't due till Sunday!!! Hello free time! Goodbye free Saturday! At least I'll have many hours Saturday and not just a few tonight. Either way, I figured I'd update the blog a bit.

We're doing great. Cory loves Kennecott. And I love telling people he works there and that he loves it. I hate that he has to work some Sunday's. They put him in the parts department for a while which means he now works 5 days on, 3 days off and only works days. He can also choose to work 10 hour days or 12's which is awesome when he needs to be home for something. Other than waking up alone every morning, which is probably for the best given how cranky I can be, it's like he works any typical 9-5 job. I love my Cory and all the hard work he does for us. He's been working mega overtime right now because we're diligently saving for a house.

I have one more month of classes and then I'm off for a while. I can't wait!!! My goal is to finish off at least one class over Thanksgiving break so I can have my life back again. I forgot what it was like to come home and relax and not have a stupid monkey always on your back. I can't wait until I can take that monkey out and shoot it. And I love monkeys, usually.

I'm so stinking excited for the holidays!! We're heading to Idaho for Thanksgiving. I'm stoked to see all the cousins! Plus Cory's mom and aunt are such good cooks!! Then we have Christmas and the annual ice skating get together on New Years Day. Bring on the family time!!


Am I Ready?

Well friends, winter is here. Here to stay? Probably. But this is Utah, so who really knows? I was asked at the doctors office today if I was excited for winter. I'm glad she asked because I was staring up at the overhead light trying to think of something else while the doctor cut into my skin so I didn't barf. I had a flashback of all those wonderful snowy nights when the flakes are huge and the sky is so bright it feels like the middle of the day. As a kid we'd always go out in the backyard and play in the fresh snow and lie on our backs and let the flakes fall on our faces while we stared at the bright sky. I remember Shasta, our adorable dog would run around in the snow and toss it in the air with his nose. We'd build snow caves and a luge run down the stairs. I felt so flooded with my favorite snow memories that I almost forgot the nurse had asked me a question and I had to come back to reality to answer her. Although I hate icy roads, indoor recess, being cold, and shoveling, I am very excited for winter this year. It's a magical time of year and I think I'm more prepared than ever with winter coats and thermals. I know I'll change my mind after Christmas when it'll snow clear till May. But for now, I can't wait to break in the Holiday season the right way with snow and lights and hot chocolate. I can't wait to spend time with family. We'll have our whole families together on both sides this year and I can't WAIT!! Nothing makes me happier. So bring on the snow. I'm ready for a change of season.


Halloween Funtivities

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the leaves, the atmosphere, and the excitement. I was sick last year so I was determined to have some fun this year. We started off by going to my schools "Fall Festival" on Thursday night. Cory didn't have a costume so we ran to K-Mart right before and found him a costume. Turns out, he was pretty darn scary. Here is what he looked like in the end:

 He really freaked out the kids. The little ones would either cower behind their parents or quickly move to the other side of the hall when we walked by. We heard whispers of the "scary man" everywhere we went and all the adults kept asking who he was. It was pretty entertaining. During the festival, I had signed up for the pie throwing room where students could come in and throw pies at my face. It was pretty fun and the kids got a real good kick out of it.

We had a great time at the festival!

Our next big day of fun was Saturday. Cory worked, so I went over to my parents and spent the day there. We had planned to go up to Syracuse and visit the Black Island Farms again like last year. However, the weather sucked and our time window was small so we stayed home and played in the leaves instead. The kids were a riot and had so much fun jumping in the leaves and burying each other. I found leaves in my clothes the rest of the night, but we had a blast. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!! I can't believe it's already November!



Some Smiles For A Gloomy Day

The First Teacher

On the 6th day, God created men and women.
On the 7th day, he rested.
Not so much to recuperate, but rather to prepare himself for the work he was going to do on the next day. For it was on that day-the 8th day-that God created the FIRST TEACHER.
This TEACHER, though taken from among men and women, had several significant modifications. In general, God made the TEACHER more durable than other men and women. The TEACHER was made to arise at a very early hour and to go to bed no earlier than 11:30 p.m. with no rest in between.
The TEACHER had to be able to withstand being locked up in an airtight classroom for six hours with thirty-five "monsters"on a rainy Monday. And the TEACHER had to be fit to correct 103 term papers over Easter vacation.
Yes, God made the TEACHER tough...but gentle too. The TEACHER was equipped with soft hands to wipe away the tears of the neglected and lonely student... those of the sixteen year old girl who was not asked to the prom.
And into the TEACHER God poured a generous amount of patience. Patience when a student asks to repeat the directions the TEACHER has just repeated for someone else. Patience when the kids forget their lunch money for the fourth day in a row. Patience when one-third of the class fails the test. Patience when the text books haven't arrived yet, and the semester starts tomorrow.
And God gave the TEACHER a heart slightly bigger than the average human heart. For the TEACHER's heart had to be big enough to love the kid who screams, "I hate this class-it's boring!" and to love the kid who runs out of the classroom at the end of the period without so much as a "goodbye," let alone a "thank you."
And lastly, God gave the TEACHER an abundant supply of HOPE. For God knew that the TEACHER would always be hoping. Hoping that the kids would someday learn how to spell... Hoping not to have lunchroom duty... Hoping that Friday would come... Hoping for a free day.... Hoping for deliverance.
When God finished creating the TEACHER, he stepped back and admired the work of his hands. And God saw that the TEACHER was good. Very Good!
And God smiled, for when he looked at the TEACHER, he saw into the future. He knew that the future is in the hands of the TEACHERS.
And because God loves Teachers so much, on the 9th day God created "Snow Days."
~author unknown

Humorous Quotes

daisy line

It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber. ~Author Unknown
A gifted teacher is as rare as a gifted doctor, and makes far less money. ~Author Unknown
Experience is a great teacher, and sometimes a pretty teacher is a great experience. ~Evan Esar
Back in the old days it was the student rather than the teacher who had to explain why they could not read. ~Cy N. Peace
Behind each successful teacher is at least one student who knows how to operate the class computer and programme the VCR. ~Paul McClure
Children make the most desirable opponents in Scrabble, as they are both easy to beat and fun to cheat. ~Fran Lebowitz

Laws of Teaching

Disaster will occur when visitors are in the room.
A subject interesting to the teacher will bore students.
The time a teacher takes in explaining is inversely proportional to the information retained by students.
A meeting's length will be directly proportional to the boredom the speaker produces.
The problem child will be a school board member's son.
When the instructor is late, he will meet the principal in the hall.
If the instructor is late and does not meet the principal, the instructor is late to the faculty meeting.
New students come from schools that do not teach anything.
~author unknown

Real Teachers

daisy line

Real teachers will eat anything left in the teacher's lounge.
Real teachers grade papers in the car, during commercials, in faculty meetings, in the bathroom, and at the end of six weeks have even been seen grading in church.
Real teachers cheer when they hear that April 1st does not fall on a school day.
Real teachers drive older cars owned by credit unions.
Real teachers can't walk past a crowd of kids without straightening up the line.
Real teachers never sit down without first checking the seat of the chair.
Real teachers have disjointed necks from writing on boards without turning around.
Real teachers are written up in medical journals for the size and elasticity of their bladders and kidneys.
Real teachers wear glasses from trying to read the fine print in the teacher's manuals.
Real teachers have been timed gulping down lunch in 2 minutes 18 seconds. Master teachers can eat faster than that.
Real teachers can predict exactly which parents show up at open house.
Real teachers understand the importance of making sure every kid gets a Valentine.
Real teachers know it is better to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission.
Real teachers know that the best end of semester lesson plans come from Blockbuster.
Real teachers know the shortest distance and length of travel time to the front office.
Real teachers can "sense" gum.
Real teachers know the difference between what ought to be graded, what should be graded, and what should never see the light of day.
Real teachers know that the first class disruption they see is probably the second one that occurred.
Real teachers have their best conferences in the parking lot.
Real teachers have never heard an original excuse.
Real teachers know better than to plan discussions or cooperative groups for last period during an observation.
Real teachers know that secretaries and custodians really run the school.
Real teachers know that rules do not apply to them.
Real teachers give themselves away in public because of the dry erase pen marker smudges all over their hands.
Real teachers know that dogs are carnivores and not "homework paperavores."
Real teachers know that happy hour does indeed begin on Friday afternoons.
Real teachers do not take "no" for an answer unless it is written in a complete sentence.
Real teachers clutch a pencil while thinking and make notes in the margins of books.
Real teachers never take grades after Wednesday of the last week of the six weeks.
Real teachers are solely responsible for the destruction of the rain forest.
Real teachers buy Excedrin and Advil at Sam's.
Real teachers have the assistant principals' and counselors' home phone numbers.
Real teachers know the value of a good education and are appalled upon seeing their paychecks.
Real teachers hear the heartbeats of crisis; always have time to listen; know they teach students, not subjects; and they are absolutely nonexpendable.

~author unknown



Restroom Lessons

Cory and I went to go see "Life As We Know It" last night. The movie was incredible. I bawled, laughed, and even heard "I want that baby!" come out of my mouth because seriously, the little girl is so dang cute. And she even has red hair, which was exciting since our kids will most likely have red hair, thanks to their daddy. Anyway, I'm getting off topic...

I went in to use the bathroom before the show and there were several other women in there. ALL of them, not kidding, ALL of them were using their bathroom break as an opportunity to say unkind things about another person they knew. I don't know if this person was waiting outside, or if they even knew whether or not their friends were at the movies saying things behind their back, but it sickened me. What kind of a society have we become?

Now, let's face it, ladies, we're all guilty of gossip. I'm not innocent of it by any means. So this isn't one of those "preachy" blogs where everyone who finishes reading it goes, "Hm, sounds like Megan should practice what she preaches." I'm trying to. I really am. I was amazed at the things they were saying. It was evident that they spent a lot of time with these "friends" and in one case, a family member, but they were talking with so much animosity that it made me think, "If they're saying these kinds of things about a good friend now, I bet you they will turn around and say something bad about the person they're with tonight!" I've always watched for that in a friend. If they're more than eager to say unkind things about their friends behind their backs, I know I don't want to be around them. I am more forgiving of saying things about people they don't consider friends or really don't get along with. That's my vice as well. It's not any better and I'm not saying it's totally ok to rip on someone you don't like. It's still wrong and I'm still trying to work on it. I know I'll be judged by every word I speak and I hope I can always keep it clean and positive. But it got me thinking about my actions and my friends and how I treat people. I'm not perfect, but I felt confident that I do well in treating those with respect who are my friends and loved ones to their faces and behind their backs when the respect is returned. It's hard with those who push the limits or are unkind in different ways. But I'm trying. I know if I keep trying, I'll eventually make it a habit to conceal any frustrations or hurt feelings I may have. I also thought about the good friends I have. I have no idea what they say when I'm not there. There's no way of knowing without being terribly creepy. Sometimes I get paranoid and wonder if I bothered them or whatever. But I can't go through life being suspicious of everyone. That would be miserable. I just have faith in them, like they do with me. I'm trusting them to do the right thing like they do with me. I'm trying to keep up my end of the deal and I hope they are too. I have wonderful friends. I'm grateful to them and their examples and their willingness to help me when I have issues. I'm grateful they take my advice to heart and ask me for help when they need it. I'm thankful for all the laughs and fun times. I'm grateful that they've proved to me to be the kind of people who don't say horrible things about people they care about. I hope I have proved that to them as well and that I can continue to have the integrity to keep proving that. Those ladies in the restroom probably had no idea that their words were so hurtful or that they were re-teaching me a valuable lesson. But I'm glad I listened and took what I could from it. I'm grateful for teaching moments in life like this that remind me what I should be working on. Someday, I'll get there.


October Moab Trip, 2010

Like we do every year, we headed down to Moab again. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect vacation. Wednesday Cory and I left with my parents so we could find a camping spot for everyone before the rush got there. After the traffic nightmare in Happy Valley, we made it down there in the afternoon and scored a perfect spot. We set up camp and bummed around until we felt ready for bed. The sun goes down way too early. Every night it would get really dark and we'd be tired and check what time it was and it was only 8:30.  Anyway, we woke up Thursday morning and went for a drive over the La Sal Mountains while we waited for everyone else to join us. On our way we discovered a waterfall and a new campground we didn't know existed before.

The leaves in the mountains were gorgeous and we saw tons of cows. Each time we passed them grazing Cory would roll down the window and clap his hands to spook them and make them run. It was pretty funny.
 We stopped at the summit for some lunch and enjoyed the beautiful view. We took out our chips and they had puffed up because of the elevation gain.
 My awesome parents.

After a great drive we headed back to camp to start dinner and wait for everyone else. After about a half hour they all showed up and the fun really began. The kids had so much fun playing in the sand and on the rocks.

Friday morning we decided to try a new trail called Rose Garden Hill. In the spring I blogged about a road we took through an incredible canyon during our spring trip. This trail is on the same road, only further down. It took us forever to actually get to the obstacles and by the time we did, we were behind a long convoy that took an hour for 2 of their 6 cars to get up. We would have had to wait for them to finish and then try to get up it, and it was already late afternoon so we decided to head home. Even though we didn't get to do anything tough, we still had a great time. My mom made us family shirts that we all got to wear. We took a family picture but I'll have to post that when I get it from her.
Here are the boys showing off their stuff.

 The stud, Brock. He was walking away from me when I was trying to take his picture. I said, "Brock, smile! 1...2..3!" On "3" he spun around and struck this pose, waited for me to take it, then turned around and kept walking. He's so funny!!
 Mommy and Bradlee
 Mom and Lisa
 Adorable Bradlee.
We made it back to camp and had dinner and sat around the campfire. The boys took off to go do the other side of Fins-N-Things, which we never do. It made Cory happy, he loves night wheeling.
Saturday we decided to try this trail:
I have a ton of pictures from this trail but I'm just going to pick out a few. It was pretty fun and the scenery was awesome! I even got to drive some of the trail.

We had a blast! The first huge obstacle was named "The Wall." It looks a little something like this: (It sucks pictures never do it justice)

That was a piece of cake. The ridiculous part was the next huge obstacle called "The Fall." We were thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. We were right about one thing, it was big!
 We decided that rolling off the side of a cliff didn't sound like a good time, so we turned back. We'll have to try that one again when we have a wench. Either way, the trail was a lot of fun and we took some other pictures.
Collin's squeeze, Natalie!

We went back to camp and cooked hot dogs and burgers over the fire and talked. Cory and I had such a good time. We really needed a vacation. Everyone got along and the kids were well behaved. The trip was pretty darn perfect! Thanks, Mom, for doing so much for us. It wouldn't have been as successful without your hard work.