Keepin' it Real

I used to tell a lot of lies when I was younger so I just wanted to set the record straight:
I touched an alcoholic beverage ONCE when I was in elementary school and someone left an open beer bottle on the playground and we picked it up to take it to the Duty. Other than that, I've never consumed it or touched it since. EVER. I have never even seen real drugs except for during the D.A.R.E. programs at school, much less done any. I've been to one "party" with alcohol, and it wasn't even a party, my neighbors in college were all drinking and I was present for a short amount of time. I am going to admit I wasn't even entirely sure of the details of sex until I graduated high school. Then I was told too much. I didn't go to Utah State because it's a "party" school, I went because it was far enough away that I could move out and be on my own, and close enough I could still drive home on weekends. That, and Lisa was attending. I've had friends ever since I can remember that were inactive or that made poor choices and I've been guilty by association to many because of that. Well, I'm clean people. I'm not a rebel. And most of my trustworthy and loyal friends are NOT Mormon. I've met some great people who have respected my standards and I will always continue to do so. Record, are you straight yet?


Wendy said...

Seriously? Because the rumor I'm hearing is that you were a rebellious teenager, although I'm pretty sure I would have remembered that . . .and I don't!
Love you!! Don't let people get to you!! Their problem - not yours.

K. Diane said...

Meg, your dear mom speaks truth. :)

And you shouldn't feel like you have to defend yourself just because people are idiotic and can't find anything better to do except dredge up lies about you. Seriously, you're better than that. And they have problems. :)