Black Island Farm

Today was a lot of fun! Cory and I, my mom, Lisa, Tory, and the kids headed to Syracuse to spend the day at Black Island Farms in Syracuse. We had a ton of fun. When we first got there we hopped on the hay ride (that was missing hay...) out to a pumpkin patch to choose a pumpkin.

Once in the patch they let you loose to go pick out a pumpkin. It's a shame they didn't have a big selection...

These are the ones we chose...

Then it was back on the hayless hay ride to put the pumpkins in the car.

After dumping the pumpkins, we headed off to see what other fun things there was to do. We started at the slides made out of hay... (finally, there was hay!)

Bradlee had a blast and was brave enough to go alone.

So was Cory...

Sadly, COry had to leave to go to work, but the fun continued. The kids discovered the crooked play house...

And then the train ride that took them through the corn...

Next was the corn box. It was tricky keeping Brock from eating it.

Then the seesaw...

On to the big bouncy pumpkin. It took her 3 times to get the guts to stay inside but clearly, she loved it.
Then we ventured into the kiddie maze.

And lastly the petting zoo

And we were given a fond farewell with this site...

There was also pig racing, which was fun, but I didn't want to waste the time to upload pictures of pigs... I hope you understand. Finally we wore ourselves out and headed home. I crashed on the chair while the girls painted their pumpkins.

It was a really fun day. Even the trip back to Syracuse a second time to get Tory's lost phone was fun :). I love spending time with family.


I Have Mountain Dew, or Crab Juice

I've been concentrating on a way to deliver the fact the this week just plain sucked that isn't negative and too "Debby Downer". Since I frequent the need to vent on my blog, I was trying to throw a fast one and actually be happy. But... that's not looking promising. So folks, our week has SUCKED!! It's the suckiest kind of suck that ever sucked. GAH!!! There. Now that message has been delivered.



This past week we had our annual Moab trip. It was a lot of fun, as usual. We left Thursday morning and drove down in a caravan with Tyler and Collin. Driving through Spanish Fork Canyon was actually wonderful. The leaves were amazing! I can't remember the last time I saw such vivid reds and oranges. It was incredible. Anyway, we arrived in Moab Thursday afternoon and just hung around the camp. It was still pretty cold so we made a fire, had dinner, and enjoyed spending time with family...

Friday we woke up and decided to do Hell's Revenge. It was an all day experience, but we had a great time.

Some kid caught this giant lizard and tied his ipod headphones to it. It was enormous.

After exhausting ourselves in the car Friday, we went back to camp and enjoyed dinner. Tyler and Tory left to go spend the night in a hotel. It was their anniversary so we decided to let them have a night to themselves. We put the kids to bed then crashed ourselves. Saturday we woke up to a beautiful day. We had breakfast then set out to try Gold Bar Rim. We went as far as we were able. After a while the kids started getting fussy from being in the car for 3 days straight so we headed to a giant sand hill to play around. We all had a blast acting like goof balls. And the kids loved it, too. Saturday night was really warm so we spent hours around the campfire talking about politics and religion. I know, I know. But I realized while sitting there that I am the happiest with family. There's nothing better on this earth. I love being with them all.

Sunday the storm was heading in so we packed up in between rain spurts and headed home. It always sucks to leave Moab. That place is so awesome. But as always, we were grateful to be back in our warm beds and have running water again. It just stinks having to come back to reality and dive right back in to homework and the stresses of life. But it was an awesome vacation.

I also had an "ah ha!" moment on our trip that made me realize there are many things I need to work on. We all have faults and imperfections. Rather than focusing on and discussing the problems of others, wouldn't it be more beneficial to focus on our own? I think so. And that's my top priority now. It's time to change the way I think.