Just For Laughs

"Mrs. Hunter, do you have any kids?"
"Nope. Not yet."
"Hm.. well, you should go get some."
(other boy)"You can't just go get kids! (turns to me) wait, can you?"

I had my first lesson to give on negative numbers today. The class was totally confused. One little girl said,
"I understand that negative numbers are like counting backwards and you just add a negative... But, why?"
I honestly have no idea, so I told them I didn't know and asked if anyone had any ideas. One boy replied,
"They were made up to keep us in school longer."

"Mrs. Hunter, can we play sparkle?"
"No, you guys didn't follow my directions."
"Hey, we followed them, we just didn't follow them very well."

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing Megan. Those are so funny! I would love to hear more. :)