I understand this may sound rude, and I don't want it to. But I'm getting a little frustrated with people. I'm running out of energy making time for people who never make time for me. I know that sounds selfish, but hear me out. It's hard ALWAYS having to be the one to call or text. It's frustrating when I suggest hanging out with people and they say it sounds like a great idea but they never follow through, even when I try. It's hard hearing people are having a hard time and when I tell them I am honestly there for them, they never utilize my friendship. I guess it's just crushing knowing I can be written off so easily to some people. Perhaps it's time to go against my instincts and just throw in the towel. Friendships can't exist when only one person is giving some effort. It just sucks. Maybe I'm just not that great of a friend...
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Jennifer said...

Yes, that can be tough to deal with for sure. Sometimes relationships just evolve and change over time for reasons we don't seem to have a whole lot of control over. It can be extremely frustrating and disorienting at times.

I've found that letting go of my expectations of others really helps. It feels good to learn just to accept the relationship for what it is and/or has become.

Your right, it does take both people working together to create a fulfilling friendship. Sometimes relationships become more painful than fulfilling over time. It can be hard to fill the empty space in your heart that is left over, when a relationship isn't fulfilling anymore. It can be downright depressing actually.

But it has helped me as I've worked on accepting the situation for what it is, so I can move on. In some cases that has meant working to improve the current relationship, if possible. In other cases, it has meant moving on to relationships with new people that are mutually beneficial to everyone involved.