I understand this may sound rude, and I don't want it to. But I'm getting a little frustrated with people. I'm running out of energy making time for people who never make time for me. I know that sounds selfish, but hear me out. It's hard ALWAYS having to be the one to call or text. It's frustrating when I suggest hanging out with people and they say it sounds like a great idea but they never follow through, even when I try. It's hard hearing people are having a hard time and when I tell them I am honestly there for them, they never utilize my friendship. I guess it's just crushing knowing I can be written off so easily to some people. Perhaps it's time to go against my instincts and just throw in the towel. Friendships can't exist when only one person is giving some effort. It just sucks. Maybe I'm just not that great of a friend...
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Preparing Utah

I firmly believe the following points should be discussed in drivers ed courses to better prepare the future generations for driving in Utah:
1. Construction cones are only there to remind you to keep an eye out for cops. They do not symbolize slowing your speed.
2. The more expensive your car is, the more rights and privilages are now available to you over your less fortunate commuters.
3. Tailgating is the way to tell someone they are in your way and you want them to move now, damnit!
4. If you have more than 3 kids, it's Utah state law to put a family sticker on the back of your van showing others how many people are in your vehicle. It's also a helpful guide when checking to make sure everyone is accounted for. Even the dog.
5. Your blinker is your" all access pass" on the road. It will even get you in places where there's no room or where you don't have a right to be.
6. Leaving a safe amount of space between you and the car in front of you is an instant invitation for someone to cut you off.
7. Your vehicle is equipped with a horn, but a raised middle finger is much more effective.
8. It is no use to wait for the Idaho driver going 60 in the fast lane to move over. It's just not going to happen. 9. When a semi signals to get over into your lane, he's really telling you to speed up and use more of the road. That sure is nice of them!
10. No matter what happens, you are the most important motorist and your destination is the most critical to be to, no matter who suffers. Especially when in Bountiful.
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The Fair Experience

Last night my wonderful friend Heather and I went to the State Fair. Neither of us had really been to a fair when we weren't on a field trip and weren't allowed to touch anything or do anything fun, so we decided to go check it out. Neither of us knew what to expect, but we had a lot of fun. We saw some interesting people, including some textbook "carnies". We got duped into paying a buck to seeing the "World Smallest Horse" which was actually just a pony. We rode the big yellow slide and had a total blast. We were brave and tried a deep fried PB&J which was actually really, really good. No wonder the line was so long. Then we went and saw the "Shark Encounter" show. It was pretty lame, but at least we got to see real sharks without having to pay a creepy guy covered in piercings with his shirt unbuttoned too low. Overall, we really did have a good time. Next year we'll have to plan on spending more money because everything there is pretty expensive. I brought my camera to take pictures but when I tried to turn it on, it was dead :(. Heather and I have been friends since we were 2 and we have almost no pictures together. Someday, dangit, we'll get some.


Priesthood Power

The priesthood is such an amazing gift. I can't put in to words how blessed I feel right now to be married to such an incredible man who uses that gift. I got sick this weekend for the second time in a week. I'm still sick, but last night I asked him for a blessing. Not necessarily to heal me, but to help my immune system last this year. I thought this year I wouldn't catch a whole lot. It's been less than a month of school and I've been sick twice already. Anyway, Cory happily obliged. The amazing part was, I also was going to ask him to bless me regarding a couple other things that are weighing on me that he doesn't really know about, but I decided against it. Without me speaking a word to him about it, ever, he blessed me with those exact things. How lucky are we to have a Father in Heaven who knows us so well and loves us enough to bless us with even our most trivial cares? I'm so, so blessed to have a husband who's in tune with the spirit enough to listen and know that's what I needed at the time. It was a little testimony builder for me. I can't imagine my life any other way.


Just For Laughs

"Mrs. Hunter, do you have any kids?"
"Nope. Not yet."
"Hm.. well, you should go get some."
(other boy)"You can't just go get kids! (turns to me) wait, can you?"

I had my first lesson to give on negative numbers today. The class was totally confused. One little girl said,
"I understand that negative numbers are like counting backwards and you just add a negative... But, why?"
I honestly have no idea, so I told them I didn't know and asked if anyone had any ideas. One boy replied,
"They were made up to keep us in school longer."

"Mrs. Hunter, can we play sparkle?"
"No, you guys didn't follow my directions."
"Hey, we followed them, we just didn't follow them very well."


3rd Grade Experience

Today at recess there were two dragonfly's that were... uh... too "comfortable" with each other to be in the presence of children. Naturally, the site of 2 dragon fly's "piggy backing" caught me off guard and before I could stop myself, I heard, "What is that?!" coming out of my mouth. All the boys playing soccer stopped what they were doing and started chasing the happy couple around the field trying to figure out what they were. I started to hear excited screams of "WHOA! THEY'RE STUCK TOGETHER!" resonating throughout the field. I'm about to go breakup the chaos when one little boy proudly proclaims, "Dragonfly's love to do that! They love to get on their backs and ride each other!"

Huh, who knew?


Can I Please Swear in This Title?

Yesterday was one of the most bi-polar days I've ever had. First off, I managed to catch a cold. When I woke up for work Friday, I felt like crap, however, I went anyway. As soon as I got there, I was putting my things away in my desk and I noticed I had 2 missed calls from Cory. That's a bad sign at 7:50 in the morning. I quickly called him back and when he answered the first thing I heard was the deafening roar of the traffic on the freeway. My heart skipped a beat for a second. Clearly he wasn't dead or he wouldn't be calling me. But something was wrong. He explained to me that the back right tire on my car had come off. Not blown, not come loose, SNAPPED OFF! The WHOLE thing!! He was able to get the car off 215 to the shoulder without any harm to him or the car, not that we care so much about the car. He told me he was in the process of looking for the tire and his Dad was coming to help him. Thank you, Lee! School had started so I needed to go, but I told him to keep me occupied. I went through my day worrying and wondering how on earth he was going to fix this. Meanwhile, Cory had gone to the junkyard and found another car like mine and took off the back tire so he could put that one on mine and we could drive it home. By the time he was done with that, it was 2:00 and he needed someone to come back with him to the car so we could take both cars home. I left an hour early with him and we went to the car. Cory worked in the heat and I sat and watched as he tried to pull off the old parts to put the new tire on. After a while, I notice Cory getting really, really angry. He informs me that in order for him to get everything off, he had to cut the break line. Terrific! So that rules out the driving it home idea. He also tells me he forgot to get lug nuts at the junk yard and we needed to go back. So, we left the car again and headed out to 3300 and I did some more waiting as he went in the find them. I was running a fever at this point and waiting in the heat was killing me. But I was trying to stay positive. Meanwhile. I was on the phone trying to find a way to tow the pile of crap home. The auto shop teacher as Woods Cross has a tow dolly so I called my mom to see if we could use it. Neither of us were able to get a hold of him. So then I tried calling South Davis Rental. They had a tow dolly that was being used and it would available soon, for a fee of $45. Ouch. I said ok and tried Uhaul. They only have "vehicle transports" that are $55. This was going to cost us either way and I wasn't happy about it.

Cory returned with the lug nuts and we quickly found something to eat since we were both starving. We returned to the car and Cory had an idea of driving it home using downshifting and the emergency break to stop. I wasn't thrilled about the idea but it was our cheapest option so we decided to try it once the tire was on. Cory jumped in and pulled the brake... nothing. My emergency break wasn't working. Of course. So now we have to tow it home, somehow. I called South Davis Rental and all their dolly's were gone till tomorrow. So we headed back to Bountiful, grabbed Cory's parents car since the Jeep doesn't have a hitch, and went to Uhaul. Turns out, their car doesn't weigh enough to pull the trailer with the Jetta on it. None of the cars we had access to did. We were livid. We called a Highway Patrolman in our ward to see how long we could leave the car there without it getting towed and impounded. He said 2 hours. We were going on 9. So we had to do something. We tried calling everyone we knew who might know someone with a truck. Everyone is either working or out of town for Labor Day. My mom finally told me to just take the Woods Cross trailer anyway and she would ask for forgiveness later. So I went there by myself (Cory was back at the car putting the tire on), singlehandedly hitched it up, and started going back to the car. After about 3o seconds on the freeway, the trailer started to fishtail way bad and I almost lost control. For those of you who know, our family was in a bad accident many years ago when we were pulling a trailer that started out that same way. I got a major flashback and freaked out. I slowed down to 45 MPH, flipped on the emergency flashers, and continued that speed to Cory. It was rush hour mind you, so I had some pretty mad people at me. Finally, I got to Cory hoping we had an end in site. Cory comes to inspect the trailer... turns out you need special straps to keep it on the trailer and they were locked safely within Woods Cross High. I had taken it out there for nothing. I started to Cry. At this point, it was 5:30 and we were supposed to meet friends for dinner. I called them and told them we'd be late. They were awesome about it.

After much frustration and anger, we decided to just very slowly, drive it off the exit ramp and leave it on the public street. Which we did. We took the trailer back and were finally able to go to dinner at 6:30. So my car is currently sitting on the side of some road. Here's the real kicker though: a couple weeks ago, we paid off our cars. We were super exited to have all this extra money each month. Well, now we need a new car. Thank heavens we can afford it, but we're sad we didn't even get to go a month without having a car payment. Hopefully today, we can find someone with a truck willing to help us go get the car. We wanted to take it straight to the junk yard, but we don't have the title yet. So it get's to sit and collect dust along with the other car parts at our house until we can get rid of it. I hate that car. But, on the bright side, sometime in the very near future, we'll be purchasing a new car! :)

Now, switching to the other side of the "pole", we had a blast at dinner. Yesterday was Adrianne's birthday so we wanted to do something special. I was really disappointed that our struggles earlier in the day had taken precedent, but we still made the best of it that we could. Cory and I, Kelly, and our friend Jason all got together. Kelly and I sported heals in her honor, and we went to dinner at Firehouse, one of her favorite places. After dinner we went out and saw her grave and talked a little bit about her. I wish we could have done something more memorable, but it was still good. We all felt peaceful and we know she's happy, even though we miss her so much. We had a good time kicking back and enjoying the company. I just wished Adrianne could have been there. Love you, girl!

So that was our horrible, yet-ended-well, day. I'll keep you posted on whether or not we can go get it off the road. I really, really hope we can.