Raging Waters

Yesterday marked the first annual Raging Waters trip. We've decided we want to go at least once a year. I've never been there before, so I was pretty excited. We went with some friends and family. Boy, did we have a lot of fun!! Too much, in fact. We're all pretty dang sore today :). Anyway, our activities included:
The wave pool. We'd swim out to the deep end and try to stay above water. It was a lot of fun but very exhausting.

Tube slides! We had a couple minor injuries on these, but it wouldn't have been a complete day without them! These were way fun, too!

We called these the "sled slides" because you have to ride these way heavy yellow sleds down the steep slide. It's so much fun and way fast, but you have to haul the dang sled all the way up there. We did it as much as our bodies could take. You'd cruise down the slide and ski all the way to the end of the pool. It was awesome.

These slides are called shotgun falls. Cory loved these, but I somehow always managed to get lots of water up my nose. But it was fun to try a couple times.

The lazy river... self explanatory.

Ok, these slides are insane!! The one on the left you have to get going fast enough to go down and make it up the hill. I didn't try it because I knew I wouldn't make it. However, I did try the one on the right.... WOW! It was the most terrifying / exciting thing I've ever done as far as slides go. The first drop is almost literally straight down. It's so steep you basically free fall the whole way down because your body leaves the mat. And, you have to go on your stomach, head first. It was scary and kinda hurt once you landed from the "free fall", but I'm glad I tried it. It's definitely for the thrill seekers.

We had a great time with everyone that came. Look for the announcement for next years trip because anyone is invited!
(I stole the pictures from google. Dustin has the ones we took)

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Jennifer said...

It has been many a year since I went to raging waters. Fun place, although I would most likely wimp out on those scary ones.