Race Pics

Apparently there was a professional photographer at the race last week and I made it in a few of them. Here's the link, in case anyone is interested...



Love Your Body 5k/10k

Those of you who know me know I really enjoy exercising. However, my one vice in the area is running. I don't like it. I know it's great for for the body so I'll do it whenever I can talk myself into it, but it's last on my enjoyment list. Anyway, my sister Lisa has been wanting to do a 5k for some time now, so I let her talk me in to running the Wasatch Woman Love Your Body 5k/10k race in Sugar House. I was really not looking forward to it, but just like all accomplishments, I was really glad I did it, after the fact.

I get to have a bragging moment to say that Lisa and I both did awesome. We had personal goals we wanted to reach and we both did very well. I was able to shave 7 minutes off my time from my first race in May and I came in #222 out of 740 racers. I was so stoked. And this course was way tougher, with steep hills and lousy heat. Lisa also did awesome by coming in way under her goal time. We were happy. It was awesome doing a race with her. It was a great day and we're planning on doing more races *shudder* in the future. I may hate the running, but I love the feeling of crossing the finish line.

Me crossing the finish line. My face is so awful haha feel free to laugh, but keep in mind it was hot!

Getting congratulatory loves from the husband.

Yes, I'm a boob and cried when I finished.

Here comes Lisa! I love that she is smiling.

we're hugging. Just wanted to document that ;)

We're both SO glad that it's over

I'm so glad I have a husband who will wake up at 6:45 with me and come support me. Love ya, babe!

After picture. Don't we look lovely?

The girls with their pop. My mom was also there, and I do have a picture of that, but it's way awful. So Mom, that's why it's not up. But a big heartfelt thanks to you and Dad for coming out to cheer us on. We love you guys!


One Year Older and Wiser Too

Today is Cory's birthday. I just wanted to acknowledge my handsome devil on his special day. He really is one of the greatest blessings on my life. Happy Birthday, Love! I can't wait to see what the future brings together!


Random Fat Camp with Brothers

In lieu of doing something productive/active because I just ate WAY too much spaghetti, I decided to post an update that isn't whiny or offensive... we'll see how it goes.

Today was my first day back at work after 9 weeks off. It's a little bitter sweet. I've LOVED sleeping in every day, staying up way too late, doing things whenever I want, and seeing Cory every morning. I'm really going to miss that, especially the Cory part. But I am also excited to be doing something with my time and having something to get me out of the house more. I can't wait to meet the new kids and strengthen bonds with some of the kids I already know. It's going to be a great year. I can feel it. I'm way excited. Although, I must admit that I was a total baby and cried last night before bed because my time with Cory is now grossly limited. Yes, yes, I am a wimp. Maybe someday I'll grow a pair but until then, just deal with it :).

To add to my worries, I've also been having the urges to pulverize our scale. I hate that thing. For months now I've been busting my butt to lose a few pounds and I haven't lost ANYTHING. There have been days I've been so mad at it that I've sworn and even kicked it - and this shouldn't come as a surprise to you folks because you already know I have the tendency to be a bit dramatic at times - because I promise it's lying to me. How could I be working so hard and the number never changes??? Anyway, I've been a bit miffed. But last night I had my "ah ha!" moment. What freaking difference does 5 lbs make? I don't walk around with my weight stamped on my forehead, thank heavens! No one has any idea what I weigh unless I tell them or they see it on my drivers license, which isn't truthful anyway...
So my point is, what's the big deal? I've thought about it and it comes down to 2 things. How I look and how I feel. Clearly I am a female of the human race and therefore I am programmed to hate myself no matter what I look like... but my "fat goggles" are fading a bit. I have noticed changes that make me happy. And there's always the excuse, "muscle weighs more than fat" to fall back on. I'm inching my way ever so slowly towards that semi-confident line. And even if I look exactly the same forever, at least I am in MUCH better shape than I've been in a long time. My heart has got to be lovin' me! I also feel really good on the inside. Some days I feel like I could accomplish anything.

In my attempt to drop some pounds I've even considered drastically cutting back on food. However, after such thought, I promptly smacked myself in the face for thinking as such. I am NOT a health nut. But I do watch what I eat and I count my calories and fat content and yada yada yada. I do my best to not eat more than I'll burn in a day's work. However, I am not so desperate to lose 5 lbs, that no one will even notice anyway, that I am going to scrap everything I love eating. I'm not a health nut and I'm not an actual nut. I'm not a rabbit. I was not designed to survive on lettace and carrots. I've gotta have me some meat and taters! I enjoy food way too much to allow my stomach to snarl and growl while I watch others enjoy their french fries and ice cream. All things in moderation - of course - but I'm not desperate enough to give it all up forever. I'd rather be happy and healthy than miserable and "skinny". So that's my 2 cents on the subject. I almost feel smart for finally realizing how to feel about it all. Go me! haha, joking.

In an unrelated note, the Teen Choice awards are on our TV right now because neither of us care to look for something better, and the Jonas Brothers just walked on stage. By reflex I made a gagging sound and Cory replied, "At least they're better looking than the Hansen brothers!" I credited him for that observation. What can I say, the man pays great attention to detail. And who knows, after all that spaghetti, if it was the Hansen brothers, I may have ACTUALLY gagged. And I'm not in the mood to clean up any messes.


Raging Waters

Yesterday marked the first annual Raging Waters trip. We've decided we want to go at least once a year. I've never been there before, so I was pretty excited. We went with some friends and family. Boy, did we have a lot of fun!! Too much, in fact. We're all pretty dang sore today :). Anyway, our activities included:
The wave pool. We'd swim out to the deep end and try to stay above water. It was a lot of fun but very exhausting.

Tube slides! We had a couple minor injuries on these, but it wouldn't have been a complete day without them! These were way fun, too!

We called these the "sled slides" because you have to ride these way heavy yellow sleds down the steep slide. It's so much fun and way fast, but you have to haul the dang sled all the way up there. We did it as much as our bodies could take. You'd cruise down the slide and ski all the way to the end of the pool. It was awesome.

These slides are called shotgun falls. Cory loved these, but I somehow always managed to get lots of water up my nose. But it was fun to try a couple times.

The lazy river... self explanatory.

Ok, these slides are insane!! The one on the left you have to get going fast enough to go down and make it up the hill. I didn't try it because I knew I wouldn't make it. However, I did try the one on the right.... WOW! It was the most terrifying / exciting thing I've ever done as far as slides go. The first drop is almost literally straight down. It's so steep you basically free fall the whole way down because your body leaves the mat. And, you have to go on your stomach, head first. It was scary and kinda hurt once you landed from the "free fall", but I'm glad I tried it. It's definitely for the thrill seekers.

We had a great time with everyone that came. Look for the announcement for next years trip because anyone is invited!
(I stole the pictures from google. Dustin has the ones we took)


Stupid Girls

I am so sick of judgmental, competitive, and stupid girls. Why on earth are 90% of us like that? Everywhere I go I see girls sizing up myself and others - picking apart our every flaw and making sure they're better than us. What is the deal? No wonder women are so self conscious. Is your self esteem really based on whether you look better than someone else? Because that is SAD!!

The other night we were at our friends pool. There was some kind of Young Single Adults activity going on there also. There were about 5 of the most annoying girls I have ever met in skimpy bikini's flirting with 2 guys in the hot tub. They were annoying because they were clearly very insecure and trying WAY too hard to get attention. When Cory and I got in the pool, all their eyes were watching me - picking me apart. Then we decided to get in the hot tub despite the hormone fest that was going on in there. Once again, they all watched me get in. Then, the girl with the best body suddenly announces way too loud, "I wanna go back to the gym!" All her friend gave her a look and one girl replied "It's 10:30!" (pm) The good body girl says, while looking at me, "I know, but I LOVE the gym! I would live there if I could." What the heck is that?? Why does she have to try and rub it in that she goes to the gym? Big freaking woop! Then she starts picking her body apart and fishing for compliments so all the other girls would point out that she was basically flawless. I of course was very annoyed, but more than anything, I felt very sorry for her. You'd think she'd be a little more secure and confident than that. She was clearly the best looking one there. And even though she knew that, she wasn't confident enough to just relax and be herself. She had to cram it down people's throats because for some reason, she felt threatened. Maybe she thought Cory as hot ;).

Anyway, I know we all have been envious of other girls for one reason or another. I'm guilty as well. I'd give anything to look like Julianne Hough. But that's never going to happen. I'm not her. I'm me. And I'm never going to be anyone else. I get envious of perfectly skinny girls at the pool, sure. Who doesn't? And although I'd love to look like that, I know it's never going to happen. I just have to do the best with what I've got. That's what my goal has been. I don't need to judge every flaw of every girl I see. Doing so only degrades myself. Putting someone else down has NEVER made someone else feel or look better. I've really been working on loving myself. As many of you know, I've struggled with physical self esteem for quite some time. I discovered a while ago that the biggest contributing factor to that was because I was always comparing myself to others. I hated how I looked because I didn't look like Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, or whoever. I will never be them. I've been working really hard at loving me because that's all I'll ever be. I've made great strides. It's been awesome. I wish all the other insecure girls out there would try the same thing. You don't need to compete with others. You don't need to try and look like someone else. You just need to be you. Because that's all that counts.