So I get in the Jeep and pull out of the driveway and notice this little guy chillin on the front bumper:

I'm thinking, "Hey, it's a long drive to the Rec Center. As soon as I accelerate he's a goner."
Nope! He turned and faced forward, crouched down and enjoyed the entire ride, just like a dog with it's head out the window.

After an hour and a half inside, I return to the Jeep, get in, and see the same bug now hanging out on the drivers side window. Sure enough, he hung there all the way back to our house, just like this:

Crazy bug!

In other news, today is a gorgeous day!! We woke up and went with Cory's family to see the Joseph Smith movie down at Temple Square. Most of us cried, of course. Then we hung out outside for a bit because seriously, today is beautiful! I of course a had to get some pictures of the temple.

This picture is kind of funny. The couple in the background is like a flash back to just over a year ago...

pretty flowers.

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