Ugh... cars.

This morning I was thinking I needed to update our blog but I didn't have anything exciting to say. Well, it seems someone took care of that for me. My brakes went out on me today. I was leaving our circle and tried to stop before turning onto Orchard Drive. Even though the brake was all the way down, I wasn't stopping. Lucky I was only in 1st gear so I took my foot off the clutch and was able to stop right before going out on to the street. It was really scary. Hopefully was can get the stupid car fixed. We are without a vehicle right now because mine is pile of crap and Cory has torn his apart because he's putting in a sun roof. It should be done tomorrow but we're trapped here until then. I'm excited to see it finished. And to have a working car again.

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Kristie said...

That is scary! I am glad you are ok!