Probably One of the Best Pioneer Day's Ever

We've been having a really great couple of days. Yesterday, Cory had the day off which worked out perfectly because it was the day of all the Bountiful Handcart Day's festivities. So, we started off our morning at 6:30 am trying to reserve a decent spot for the parade. What a joke. We finally found a spot and then went home and slept for another hour or so. Then we were off to Lagoon with Jason and his kids. It was really enjoyable because it was an outrageously hot day and the cold water was wonderful. However, we got the bottoms of our feet burned (literally) from the hot concrete. It was very painful. We also walked away with some pretty generous sun - also known as sunburns. We should be ok in a couple of days though.

Next, we picked up Cafe Rio to take to the parade and met up with my friend Amy and her husband, Dallen. I was so glad they decided to come to the parade with us. I never get to see her! And Dallen is a riot! Then Dustin, Jason, and the kids showed up to join us. We all had a really great time, even though it was so freaking hot!!

Amy and I

Dallen and Amy

Dustin and Alexis

Braden and Hailey waiting for candy. Braden got so much he couldn't fit it in his pockets anymore.


So a little into the parade there was a float for the Special Olympics. One of the athletes bent down in front of this Jeep to pick up a piece of candy she dropped. The driver didn't see her and she literally ran her over. They had to call an ambulance. It was very sad. According to KSL, she has a broken leg and possibly a broken arm, or something like that. It delayed the parade for a good 15-20 minutes. I hope she's ok!!

Next on the agenda was the Mueller Park fireworks. These are definitely my favorite fireworks. They have so much zaz and personality. And you get to sit way close so the noise is really cool. :) They were awesome as usual. Something went wrong in the beginning and it created a HUGE fireball. We felt the heat and everything. But, it seems something goes wrong every year, so maybe it was planned. Our friend Laura was awesome enough to let us party and sit with them. She's so rad. It was a great night!

Us at the fireworks. Notice the sunburned faces.

Today was a special day because Heather, Cory's cousin, came home from her mission. Almost all of his cousins came into town to welcome her home and have a BBQ. And I finally got to see the new baby additions to the family, which are both so adorable! I spent the morning hanging out with some of the cousins and getting to know them better. I really had a great time because since I'm so shy, I've had a hard time bonding with them. So girls, if you're reading this, thanks so much! I really needed today. You guys are awesome!

At about 3:30 we raced to the airport to pick up Heather...

anxiously awaiting her appearance.

One of the new babies Mckinnley.

There she is! Welcome home!

Talking to Dad


Baby Eden, She's so precious!

Lena is probably one of the cutest girls on the planet!

Mother and daughter.

Next, we all headed to the Hagloch's home for a welcome home BBQ.

Here is the cake Kaela decorated. It looks lovely ;)
We all had so much fun hanging out. I really, really enjoyed myself. We ate food, played ball, and lit off some fireworks. We have a great family! And it's so wonderful to have Heather home again. We love you guys!

As an added bonus, I recorded part of the finally of the fireworks last night. Enjoy!


Amy said...

We made the blog! I feel so special. :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for recording the last part of the firework display! I've missed seeing as many of the big ones as I wanted to this year. :)