Summer Time

In the commonly known words of Alice Cooper...
Not that I'm excited or anything, really. This is going to be my first summer ever since turning 16 and getting a job that I wont have to do a darn thing. I wish words could describe how wonderful that is... but sadly, they can't. Today was day 1 of said freedom and I've been enjoying it immensely. We've already begun planning fun things to do. This week we're going to Lagoon on Thursday (we bought season passes) and probably backpacking Friday night if it warms up enough. We've been debating what to do for our 1st anniversary for a while as well and I think we've concluded to go to Lava Hot Spring. It's cheap, somewhat close, and fun. So we're excited. Yay for good times!!

I know I sound super excited to have a break, because I am, but I also had a hard time saying goodbye to the kids. Some of them are not returning to our school next year so that made me sad. However, saying goodbye this year was a little easier because I am being moved to 3rd grade now and will probably have some of the kids again in 2 years. I'm sad to leave first grade but I am really excited for a new opportunity.

Well, there's a lame post for ya'll. I figured I'd better write something so... there you have it.

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Lisa McLachlan said...

Hey! You totally stole my tag line! I was going to post those exact words on my blog! Honest! Well, I think I'll do it anyway. :) Isn't summer wonderful?