Life is Wonderful

Things are going really well. A couple days ago, Cory and I registered for our classes for the fall semester. This is (hopefully) Cory's last semester. He needs to complete an English class, but we've decided I'm going to give him a couple English lessons, and then he's going to see if he can test out of it. If not, he'll have to take it in the spring. Other than that, he's taking his last 2 classes, and will be spending some time in the shop keeping sharp on his welding skills. I'm taking 2, 3 hour classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I'm taking a childrens literature class and a class about the relationships between home, school, and community. We're excited. The best part is Cory also has a 3 hour class Tuesday nights at the same campus so we get to go to school together :).

We had a really fun date night last night. We initially wanted to go up the "B" and have a fire with some friends. But, that didn't really work out. So, we went down to the gateway and had dinner and went to see Up. We also spent some time checking out all the restaurants down there for our anniversary next week. We've decided to scrap Lava for now. We'd rather save some money and sleep in a bed for the weekend instead of camp and have to buy every meal. So our plan instead is to go to the temple, go to a nice dinner, and Saturday go to Lagoon-a-Beach. It should be fun. We're excited!! Anyway, that's all for now. I'll keep you posted as more things happen.

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