I swear my ipod can read my mind. It's kind of freaking me out. Every day when I've been running, it's played a song related to exactly what I'm thinking. Here's proof:
Monday: I was thinking about Cory trying to sing the "Tootsie Roll" rap song to me Sunday night and how hilarious is was when guess what came on? "lemme see that tootsie roll!"
Tuesday: I started thinking about Adrianne and on came "Warning Sign" by Coldplay and I started bawling and running as hard as I could.
Today: I opened the window to listen to it rain (it was a treadmill day) while I ran and the first song to come on was "Umbrella."
Weird right? Maybe it's finally trying to "bond" with me. I've been pissed at it lately because all it wants to play is church songs and Blue Man Group - not exactly what I'm in the mood for. Maybe I'll reward it by finally removing those 2 horrible Snow Patrol songs I've had on there for who knows what reason.


Jennifer said...

Hehe...that is really funny! Cute little bonding ipod. :)

K. Diane said...

way to obliterate the lame Snow Patrol songs! i'm proud.