Fun week: Day 1

This week we have many fun things planned. Today was the first day of the fun. We started off our morning by going with our primary to the Church History Museum. They got to do lots of fun things:

making statues of themselves

deeply concentrating...

They also got to act out the story of one of the paintings. I had so many cute pictures of this, but I just chose one. We all had a lot of fun. We also found out that we are making a difference in some of our kids lives. It's an awesome feeling, but I'm pretty sure they love primary now because of Cory. Who doesn't love him?

Next, we wanted to do something really fun today. We originally planned on swimming, but then we got too cold to care. So, we decided to go hike to Elephant Rock. I've never really liked this hike because it's long, the end result isn't THAT exciting, and it's always hot. But today was different. Because of the "blessed" rain, the hike was gorgeous! Cory and I had so much fun!

The trees in this part are so cool.

The pretty view from the top

We really enjoyed ourselves today. We have many more fun things coming up this week, including our anniversary! Keep on rollin'!


Jennifer said...

Those photos of the hike really are beautiful!!

K. Diane said...

Hurrah for Elephant Rock!! I went with my sis not too long ago. I love the little purple butterflies that buzz around the little pools.