Fun In the NOT Sun

Today Cory sort of had the day off, so we wanted to get out and do something fun. The only problem was the stupid weather. As usual. We decided to brave Lagoon and hope that we could ride some rides in between storms. And, if nothing else, at least we'd be able to get our pictures taken for our season passes. We headed there and were able to ride 3 rides before the rain came down hard! So, we decided to walk around Pioneer Village since we haven't seen that whole "gem" before. It's... interesting. We took some lame pictures but we had a lot of fun. Then, we decided to ride up the "B" and take a nap in the back of the Jeep. We were up in the clouds and it was AWESOME! After a good hour nap, we were awaken by some curious passerby's (who, judging by their smiles, probably assumed we were up to somethings else, which we were NOT!) and we headed home. Now after all that excitement, we're off to my parents to play the Wii and eat cookie dough. It's been a good day! Enjoy the weird pics.

We found a new spot to have lunch when we're there this summer. Nice and secluded.

Baby geese! They were so cute! Cory counted 16 of them.

Model train museum

This is the actual size of a super creepy guy that used to be in the circus.

They have a huge mini model of a circus. We never knew it existed.

Probably the ugliest doll I have ever seen...

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