Exactly What I'm Thinking

When we were growing up, some of us wardies would tease our dear friend Mary about a certain quirk she had. Whenever there was a group of us, and Mary felt ignored, she would shout "guys, give me attention!" We would laugh and think it was funny because in the words of Kelly Kapoor, "Who says exactly what they're thinking? What kind of game is that?" Ah Mary, you are wiser than you know. At the time when we were awkward teenagers who craved "being in the middle", saying something like that seemes silly. I guess to an extent that wording is still a little blunt. However, she had a good point. Why not speak your mind? Why not tell everyone how you're feeling? If you're feeling left out, dang it, let someone know! We all have the right to let someone know what's going on. How else are they supposed to know? So, I'm going to exercise my right to do so right now. Please no one take offense, this is how I feel.
To gay rights activists: If you want homosexuals to have the same rights as everyone else, guess what? You need to allow Mormons the same freedom. We're not stopping you just because we think it's wrong. Stop being hypocrits.
To the guy at the Rec Center who I went to high school with: Please stop expecting me to check you out. You weren't that hot in high school and you still aren't that hot - at least in my opinion.
To all women who think they have to be a size 2 to be perfect: Think again. Skinny isn't healthy. Healthy is healthy. Exercise because you like it, eat right because you want to, and love who you are. Don't compare yourself to others. And don't push yourself over the edge because you have 7% body fat and you only want 5%. Oh and enjoy some goodies now and then!
To Obama: You suck.
To my hair: I love you long, but if you don't start cooperating and staying attached to my head, so help me, I will cut you.
To Adrianne: I really really miss you. It seems there's less and less good people these days and I really miss your influence and being able to talk to you about religion.
To all my other friends: I really wish you'd call me more because I miss you, too. I'm feeling like I don't mean anything to anyone lately.
To those who I know read my blog and think I don't know you do: I really don't care. That's why my blog isn't private. I hope you enjoy yourself. Come again soon!
To Cory: You are such an angel. You've listened to me cry about my best (girl) friend for 2 days now and you haven't complained once. Thanks for being the most understanding and loving husband a girl could ask for. You're amazing.
To Old Grist Mill: Gosh, I miss you!! I crave your sandwiches all the time. I may need to drive to Brigham City just to eat one.
To our scale: Sorry for crushing you every day, but you deserve it. I think you need to fudge the numbers.
To the spiders who are thinking of entering our house: STAY AWAY or I will destroy you, or at least make Cory do it.
To The Summit: <-- a John Schmidt song I've yet to learn to play.
To my Heavenly Father: It's been a long couple days, but I've never been more thankful for my long history of failed relationships. I know one of the reasons I went through those things was to be able to help others around me, and it's already being put to good use. Thank you for knowing exactly what is right for me and how I can share it with those I love. It also makes me appreciate Cory more every day. And thanks for him, too. He was worth the wait.
To you: thanks for reading. Now you know what's on my mind. Now go do something productive :)

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K. Diane said...

This reminds me of Pam in season 3 on beach day. :) More than anything, though, I love the Mary reference. Classic. Mary rules the school. As do you.