So after reflecting over my posts this week, I'm not sure why I thought it was relevant and/or exciting to blab on and on about each little thing we're doing every day. So here's the gist of today. We saw Transformers 2 - I wasn't too impressed. The first one was better. We also went to dinner at Tucano's. It was good, we tried the chicken heart. It was interesting. During dinner, the huge storm rolled in. I got some pictures of the rainbow that followed. Enjoy! From now on I'll be less detailed unless otherwise merited. Sorry!

The city during the butt end of the storm.

I waited 15 minutes for this video to load because if you watch it on anything BUT this web page, you can tell how hard it was raining and how much water was running down the street. But sadly, you can barely tell on here. But, I waited forever, so here it is. Maybe someone will be able to make it out.

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